Announcement of Team Wars 7

We are excited to announce Team Wars 7,a Duelyst tournament in which you don’t play alone but in a team with a maximum of 6 players!

It is a less competitive, more memey tournament and therefore well suited for everyone who wants to try out the Duelyst tournament scene! You join a team with a maximum of 6 players. Every team fights another team in a week, they organize the times when they play on their own. Every team brings 6 decks to the series, 1 deck of every faction. Once a deck is defeated, it is eliminated. The winning deck has to be played till it is defeated too. The team which wins 6 games first wins the series.

There is also a permanent banlist and in addition every team can ban 5 more cards every week though they can’t choose the cards they chosen the week before. This ensures an often changing meta which opens space for memes and whacky builds!

There are unique rewards in forms of very rare emotes and skins. All the details including the start date can be found on this document:

To sign up as a free agent looking for a team or to start a team please use this document:

If you want to sign up or are just interested in the event, please join the Meltdown Discord:

So don’t hesitate, join the discord, join Team Wars! It is a lot of fun and shows a very different side to the usual Duelyst :-)

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me or IceyFire95.