• The deck idea
    The original idea of the deck is to make a Songhai Calculator deck. Make HUGE calculators and hit hard.

    You want Calculators out as early as possible. To increase consistency of the deck I added […]

  • Against Xor you generally want to win quickly. Ideally before Xor appears. You can often win on the turn of Xor and maybe one more turn after. Any longer and you usually lose the attrition war. So keep attacking aggressively.
    Try damage cards like Shadow Dancer, Crescendo or Chakram.
    If they only have one GOR or Sarlac on board you can use a…[Read more]

  • I have reached 1k days visited on the Duelyst forums. So time to post a deck.
    The deck idea is to create a Magmar intensify deck. Namely Okkadok and Invigoration. Hence the deck name.
    To use Invigoration I added F […]

  • Egg Morph should stop revival. It is a transform, which does not kill the minion. So the target minion does not go into the ‘graveyard’. The thing it transform into (the egg) is a token so also cannot be revived. If the only minions that died were ‘died by transformation’ and/or tokens you have nothing to revive. Intentionally use of transform…[Read more]