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    Make people regret reaching for these mana orbs.
    How does this work?
    We get to the center of the field. We use Provokes to tie everything here. Then Glacial Fissure (one or two!) and lots of Warbirds, with maximum […]

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    Lady Locke and walls are just the most satisfying finishers, and there’s a decent amount of room around these so that plenty of decks can be tried around this concept. Try it once and never look behind. Favorite Vanar deck, no competition.

  • Early game
    Open with a string of Gravity Wells and put a Snow Chaser on the enemy side.
    Or maybe an early Borean Bear can be buffed nicely with a string of Bonechill Barriers.
    Also try to get a Glacial Elemental […]

  • Early game
    There’s an embedded mini-challenge: Try to see if you can get a back-line Syvrel the Exile to stick, and a Gibbet around. They’re best friends and love to play together grappling over screaming enemy […]

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