Worldcore Golem Epic Memery

Starhorn the Seeker

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 7530

Patch: 1.96

Author: GamerBotHD

Submitted: 2018.12.16

Worldcore Golem
Mitotic Induction
Egg Morph

The most epic of worldcore golem memes. Completely foolproof. This will catch them by surprise and make your opponent throw his mouse against the wall.

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This deck is literally just survive and clear their minions until you can pull off the combo. This combo is very hard to counter and is very unexpected. This is even better than worldcore golem + astral phasing or kinematic projection because in this scenario, even if you kill the golem, your fate is sealed. *Insert evil laugh here.*

The Combo

If you haven’t yet realized from the cover page, here’s a rundown. This is a two turn combo. Turn 1, play worldcore golem (with or without flash reincarnation). There are no only two scenarios. 1. They have let the golem live, in which case you can just kill them. If they have set up protection against your golem, no problem, just plop down the combo. the second option is that they have killed the golem in which case the combo is mandatory. You play mitotic induction which will summon a worldcore golem egg, then play egg morph to hatch the egg which gives you a worldcore golem already inexhausted. And boom! They’re done. If they don’t kill it, just wreck em. And if they do, bring it back to life! The best part about this is they don’t see it coming. There’s no build up, just a sudden worldcore golem on their face. And if they haven’t prepared, they can’t stop the golem.


So basically aside from this combo the deck is just a regular magmar deck. Just solid cards. The whole game you’ll just be trying to remove his board and draw into the combo. Once you have the zodiac pieces, sit back and relax and remove his minions or heal yourself until you have to mana to play the golem. The reason I’m using starhorn is so you can draw into the golem faster but you could use rag aswell.


This a meme that I have NOT tested on ladder. I haven’t even tested it in a friendly match. Risk your chevrons if you must but let me warn you this might not be a completely viable deck. Yes my explanation of the deck makes it seem like nothing could stop you but you know what they say, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. There are caveats in every deck. Yes, even wanderer decks.



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5 thoughts on “Worldcore Golem Epic Memery
  1. I have actually been testing a deck like this, but it is terrible. My deck had Metallurgist, Kujata, Celebrant, and Flash Reincarnation to hopefully get Worldcore out faster, but there are too many combo pieces needed and you just die before you get them. I only got it off once, I think. It is a pretty terrible deck, but it is fun watching Worldcore get the KO.

    1. Oh wow I actually forgot I should’ve been running kujata. And probably three flashes instead of two. And from my experience it’s pretty easy to live until you get the combo because all you other card make for good removal and body blocks. Obviously I would never play this on ladder but it might work.

      1. Yea, I was playing it on ladder lol. Like at around Diamond 3 or 2. Maybe I am just bad, but when I was playing against their optimized meta decks with my Worldcore Golem deck, it just didn’t stand a chance. So now I been trying a Hatefurnace variation to give Wordlcore Golem rush lol.

      2. By the way, I never meant YOUR deck here is terrible. Just the one I had created. Your deck was most likely better than mine. I am sorry if it seemed like I was talking about your specific deck as being terrible, because that was not my intention. The “terrible” was meant towards my specific deck.

        Anyway, I miss Duelyst. lol

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