Wing Chun Faie – The centerline theory

Faie Bloodwing

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 10780

Patch: 1.96

Author: bepoest

Submitted: 2019.04.30

Glacial Fissure
Primus Shieldmaster
Wailing Overdrive

Master the center column. Lock your opponent in place and unleash massive amounts of damage.

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This is probably a very solid deck, but I don't play nearly enough to bring it to the higher ranks.

Make people regret reaching for these mana orbs.

How does this work?

We get to the center of the field. We use Provokes to tie everything here. Then Glacial Fissure (one or two!) and lots of Warbirds, with maximum collateral damage thanks to Mesmerize and Hearth Sister.

Deviating from that, the opponent can also enjoy either Avalanches (on your left) or Wailing Overdrives (on your right).

Aspect of the Mountain is both a come-back card and a burst damage surprise.

This is a relatively fast deck, because so much of it is dedicated to raw damage.

Card choices

We have a solid core of Provoke minions and tokens. Primus Shieldmaster is an unsung hero, especially when his friend Wild Tahr is around, but another option could be Dioltas as well.

Wild Tahr, people, I tell you, the Wild Tahr is a God. Gravity Wells are everywhere, and you drop a Wild Tahr. That’s actually a 3-mana answer-or-die win condition.

Wailing Overdrive is preferred over Cryonic Potential, because it can be used without warning, and it’s a very potent finisher.

If you don’t have the Aspect of the Mountains, Saberspine Alpha would be my budget option instead. Gravity Well is mandatory though!

Spelljammer is here just in case the game runs long, replace her at first and if everything goes right you might never have to play her.

The center line theory?

Wing Chun is a southern kungfu style entirely focused on sticking very close to your opponent, locking his arms and delivering a flurry of direct strikes to the center line of the body. Famous practitioners include grand master Ip Man, and Bruce Lee.

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