Welcome back Sajj

Scioness Sajj

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Aggro

Spirit: 2040

Patch: 1.96

Author: ConfirmedHarry

Submitted: 2019.08.18


A budget, Simple, Obnoxious and Memeish Deck. Very Aggressive and it’s a Blast to play

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Aggro decks have been seen in many factions such as Vanar, Magmar and Songhai. But now, it's time for Vetruvian to step up and annoy every single other archetype with an aggro deck that will guaranteed rage quits.

How to use the Deck:

  • Win Condition: Dustdrinker, Riftwalker, Warlock
  • Highlighted cards: Mirrorim, Duskdrinker, Riftwalker
  • Combos:
  • Barrier + Warlock = 3 damage advantage
  • Warlock + Falcius + Sajj = 7 damage advantage
  • Duskdrinker + Mirrorim = 1*(number of Dustdrinker played throughout the game)+ 2 minion in deck advantage
  • Riftwalker + Mirrorim = 1*(number of Riftwalker played throughout the game) + 2 minion in deck advantage


How to Mirrorim?

This deck really centralised on spamming Mirrorim and drawing cards for advantage. That’s why using mirrorim right can provide insane values. Right use for Mirrorim is the key to winning the game. There are three ways you can use them. First, if you have 2 Mirrorim in your hand, use the first one to copy another Minion then Mirrorim the Mirrorim. This will give you a 3+ Mirrorim, leaving you with 4 mirrorim in your deck. It’s a priority to copy Mirrorims because they are very important. Next up are the intensify dudes. Choosing one of them to copy is a very situational thing. One thumb rule to keep in mind is the one that has been summoned more will always provide more value. It also depends on who you are up against. Against Swarmy Generals like Lilithe, Kara, Zirix or Ragnora, Mirrorim Riftwalker is a great choice while against Vaath, Sajj, Maehv, etc, it’s a better choice to Mirrorim your Duskdrinker. It also depends on which state of the game and how much card draw left you have in your deck. E.g: If you are at the early game and you have the choice to copy Dustdrinker, Blazehound or Riftwalker, it’s better to copy Duskdrinker. Another situation that might come up is during the end game. The situation goes like this: You have Blazehound, Duskdrinker, Mirrorim and Riftwalker in your Hand. There is no way for you to do a lethal attack on the other general. You only have 1 copy left of each of the cards in your hand. So what is the best move? It’s very adviced to copy the Blazehoud or Riftwalker over the Duskdrinker because Duskdrinker is very cheap and could burn out your hand very quickly. Although Riftwalker is a good choice, Blazehound is still a good choice because it allows you to draw. The main weakness of this deck is card drain. Therefore, it’s Always advised to get as many mirrorim or Blazehound as possible. 


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2 thoughts on “Welcome back Sajj
  1. Mirrorim nonsense relies on having Mirrorim at the right time and drawing into a decent
    amount of your extra copied stuff, which might not happen consistently. Divine Spark is
    just not a good card and having it here in place of, say, Spelljammer makes me doubt
    your expertise (as does your advice to Mirrorim your Mirrorim, allowing you to later
    draw into Mirrorims to make more stuff that you can draw into about 3 turns after the
    game ends). I also don’t know if you need 3 Ephemeral Shroud – how does 1 Zephyr or
    Wildfire Ankh sound?
    (Also, this is not a tournament deck – please recategorize it.)

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