True Knucklestorm

Reva Eventide

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 11400

Patch: 1.96

Author: chunkypapa

Submitted: 2019.02.08

Heaven's Eclipse

Pure-bred knucklestorm

The idea is to control board with minions pre 6 and cycle through spells with HE post 6.

By running only the three spells Kuncklestorm(KS), Meditate(MT) and Heaven’s Eclipse(HE),  HEs will always draw into relevant combos, ideally into another HE if you cannot kill someone yet or into 3 KS for an OTK.

Control your HE draw pool by carefully using MT. For example, don’t MT too early if you want to draw into a HE or Alcuin Fugitive. You can MT turns after you used KS.

Make use of Alcuin Loremaster/Fugitive when you have the opportunity. Every single intensify is important for the final damage.

After using up some MT and HE, at 8 mana you would almost always draw into 3 KS with HE and do a HE+3KS combo, normally in the range of 4+5+6(15) ~ 5+6+7(18) damage.


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