the two sisters

Faie Bloodwing

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 21015

Patch: 1.96

Author: snowshot

Submitted: 2019.06.04

Grandmaster Embla
Flawless Reflection
Ghost Seraphim

a very advanced and fun deck that plays on two different playstyles and bringing them together.

a frosty mad man, i mainly play vanar (or 8 gates reva) and try to make every second meme viable, i did succeed with bringing a few of the more wacky decks into s rank. all and all only off meta good quality stuff here

as usual my decks will either make you enjoy life or want to kill yourself, this one is no different.

let’s break it down:

first – wincons, main win cons.
embla + reflection
embla + wake
walls + wake
seraph/ caller + reflection

early game:

ramp, locate any win con and work towards, if you got wake and reflection in hand – replace wake and lower the cost of your spells.
while trying to develop spelljammer and evil wisp.
wisp + ego is a good combo to keep in hand.
you can also keep one caller in order for a good 4 hp removal and a decent reflection target.

mid game:
if you ramped well you shouldn’t have a mid game, if not utilize your aspect of the mountain and  charges to stall and set + drop a howler in the back in order to ser for a worst case reflection.

end game:
the tricky part here is to be quick about it  – you are weak to emp and every other vet runs emp!
work toward the mentioned win cons:)

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