Zirix Starstrider

Category: Tournament Deck

Archetype: Aggro

Spirit: 4910

Patch: 1.96

Author: Ryousen

Submitted: 2019.02.01

Rasha's Curse
Flameblood Warlock
Primus Fist

Gore Everything As Fast As Possible With No Regards To Your Own Health

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You can deal a total of 10 damage by turn 2. And then you just kill em. GO FACE

unlike me to run 2x bone swarms, but Naga’s addition relieves me of the third copy
so, whats going on here
this deck goes face a lot obviously
it is not running dunecaster, i love rasha dunecaster, but its a little cumbersome to have a dervish buff in a deck with basically no dervishes
you would ideally not even want to dunecast BoA’s dervish because you ought to have lethal in other ways by 7 mana

another weird inclusion is Ephemeral Shroud- its not a favorite, but you want to be spending less mana to answer their threats than they spend mana casting it, so its an option; same for Beast, but Beast is a little different, better in a way, worse in others

a problem i run into with this is that i take too much damage- flameblood, trading face, and Naga are heavy tolls to one’s health; ideally you are faster than them, so it pays off, but i sure would love to get a couple Heralds here
i dont really see space though, maybe -1 second wish -1 bloodtear +2 herald, because those two are both situational

the best way to open a game is p1 Flameblood diagonally- if they protect themselves, you get more control over tiles, and if they dont, t2 primus fist second wish, totalling 10 damage dealt by t2 (3 OG, 3 attack, 2 primus, 2 Wish), and you also get the bodies

as p2, blaze hound first wish is not too bad, they rarely trade to kill that immediately, and if they do, youre probably still ok because thats one minion less and 5 damage in, and then next turn bloodtear naga possibly clears a play;
this is a pretty spefic combination but remember you draw twice with that t1 so its not even that rare
Im starting to like Naga again, because its both board damage and face damage- we want all the face we can get but not die immediately, so its kind of surprisingly nice

Rasha First Wish kills a lot of stuff and cycles a card; i mean, you dont wanna use that to clear some garbage, Rasha is probably the reason this deck works, but dont be too afraid to use it, it is just good, even without Dunecaster

here’s a formula for you; normally, this list has as much out of hand damage as it has mana, except that Flameblood counts that +1. so at 8 mana you can Rasha Bone Second Wish Primus Fist + general attack for 10; this is not an impressive combo and when spelled out like this it seems weak (rag ripper 10 damage 6 mana 2 cards), but remember during the game you’re always trading face, casting Flameblood, casting Naga, Repulsoring their garbage, Bone Swarm… Its kinda really easy to get them to Rasha lethal range. Which is why its good. i mean… maybe im just bad. maybe.

We lost but its ok.
it was a wanderer sweep

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