The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Reva Eventide

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 10380

Patch: 1.96

Author: nh3maser

Submitted: 2020.01.26

Koan of Horns

Old-school meme.


Koan is one of the oldest memes. The deck was bad back in the day and even worse now: multiple free Gore Horns does not a real win condition make. But it’s hilarious if you can pull it off.

The deck needs to be mostly minions to better support Koan. Hence, the gameplan is to control the board with minions until you can Koan and hopefully overwhelm your opponent with Gore Horns.



  • Koan of Horns

Copies after the first are still fine, since they draw you three more cards.


  • Killing Edge
  • Ancestral Divination
  • Bakezori

Post-Koan, you’ll want to draw as much as possible so as to keep the board flooded with Horns.


  • Manakite Drifter

Drifter is a bad card, but the curve of it on 4 mana into Koan on 8 when it finishes building is too cute to pass up.


  • Bloodtear Alchemist
  • Cryptographer
  • Primus Fist
  • Battle Panddo
  • Ki Beholder
  • Lantern Fox
  • Sunset Paragon

A variety of removal (or things that produce removal) on a stick.

Possible Tech

  • Ephemeral Shroud
  • Lightbender
  • EMP

Dispel options.

  • Bonereaper

Another fat localized sweeper.


A little like Ox – control the board with creatures until you reach the lategame. Then Koan and attempt to overwhelm your opponent with free 3/3s, chaining draw spells to keep the pressure on.

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