embla wall reflection

Faie Bloodwing

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 19310

Patch: 1.96

Author: snowshot

Submitted: 2018.10.11

Grandmaster Embla
Lady Locke
Malicious Wisp

a crafty take on my wall deck – this one revolves more around embla as a killing power and the ability to find an opening and set your opponent into a trap using more then enough tools.

a frosty mad man, i mainly play vanar (or 8 gates reva) and try to make every second meme viable, i did succeed with bringing a few of the more wacky decks into s rank. all and all only off meta good quality stuff here

i will make an extensive guide on the deck in the upcoming weeks.

as for now the deck revolves around ramp, stall as a first step and trying to find the big money, meaning going for a really big damage at the late game after ramping and stalling while your opponent struggles to build a board due to callers, locke + blazing spine and prison and even chaser.

ways to end the game and what to look for – 

locke + luminous a.k.a – the snowshot, 8 mana, will usually finish the game +it is cool as fuck!
ice age + wake / ice age + reflection (on a key opponent, more advanced)–> 9 mana, game ender.
embla + wake / embla + reflection –> my favorite is embla + reflection due to the setting needed and the elegance and power of 3 – 5 embla going face.

YOU CAN ALWAYS MIX THIS UP, for example – reflect out of locke luminous an unsuspecting key enemy minion, and go for face.

the deck is hard to play mainly because of the way you stretch the game-plan by unorthodox means into covering blind spots in game-play for an almost inevitable win con.
the faster it comes – the harder it hits.

a full guide (or maybe even a full on vanar guide will come up in a week or two on the forums).

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