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Lilithe Blightchaser

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 5640

Patch: 1.96

Author: nh3maser

Submitted: 2018.11.04

Corporeal Cadence

“Sometimes the cannoneer must become the cannonball”

The Combo

Original credit goes to gauntlet allstar 1pancakes:

Bonecrusher has Intensify: +5 attack. This means that if you can summon five copies of Bonecrusher, the fifth one will have exactly 25 attack. Since Bonecrusher only costs 3, on 8 mana you can play your last one and use Corporal Cadence the same turn for a one turn kill.

The decklist consists of:

  • A bunch of 1- and 2-drops.
  • The combo pieces: Bonecrusher, Consuming Rebirth to make even bigger Bonecrushers, and one Cadence.
  • Q’orrhlma’a, which gets rid of everything from the first category and allows you to assemble the combo.


The deck plays out as follows:

First few turns: play random dorks while digging for Q’orrhlma’a and other combo pieces. Try to answer what your opponent is doing: heal if they’re being aggressive, use your removal minions if they’re developing threats, and develop your own board if you’re not under pressure. Your generic best plays are Replicant (which keeps your hand full), Aethermaster (which helps you dig for combo pieces), and Cryptographer (which also helps maintain hand size by giving you something to do with your mana). You also want to play and Consuming Rebirth any Bonecrusher you can find in this part of the game – this speeds up the combo process later and leaves behind an 11/4 minion, which demands an answer from your opponent.

On 6 mana, play Q’orrhlma’a. This cuts your deck down to only your combo pieces and two extra copies of Q’orrhlma’a. Replace (after playing Q’orrhlma’a!) to find Bonecrushers.

Next turn, play out Bonecrushers and Rebirth them if possible.

On 8 mana, Bonecrusher + Cadence is hopefully lethal.


Consuming Rebirth is a awkward card in this deck. It acts as conditional extra intensify boosts for Bonecrushers, but since it only resummons at end of turn, the timing to play it is tough. If you’re trying to make the deck as competitive as possible, the right number of Consuming Rebirths is probably one. With none (as in 1pancakes’s original version) the flung Bonecrusher only does 15, so you need to scrape up 10 face damage from other sources, which can be difficult. With one Rebirth, you only need to make up 5 damage, which is much easier. In addition, the more combo cards you have, the less consistent it is to assemble the combo on curve. However, having two allows for the full 25 damage OTK, which is (for me, at least) the primary reason to play this deck at all. The upside of this is that you will have inevitability, although it is very hard to stay alive long enough for it to become applicable.

Mirrorim could serve as a alternate card choice to give you extra Bonecrushers, but their board impact is negligible and if you happen not to draw any before they’re erased by Q’orrhlma’a, your combo is still capped at 15.

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