the original nemeton

Ilena Cryobyte

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Tempo

Spirit: 14550~

Patch: 1.96

Author: snowshot

Submitted: 2018.11.06

Oak in the Nemeton
Night Howler
Yggdra's Voracity

my first take on nemeton, travel light, put the pressure with all the tokens you can handle and drop nemeton for backbreaking terror.

hi, snowshot the vanar researcher is here. if you got any questions regarding this deck - hit me up.

the objective – drop nemeton on 6 mana turn.

how to complete it?
try it and figure out what works for yourself, i’ll put a guide soon.

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2 thoughts on “the original nemeton
    1. Glad to here:) the deck is pretty addictive, however you can always put

      – 1locke
      -1 kron
      +2 aspect of drake


      -3 locke
      + 3 drake dougher (wharever his name)

      – 3 kron
      -1 locke
      +2 luminous charge
      +2 drake whqthisname.

      Basically locke provides a no escape with blazing/ tree dudes or everything really.
      Which after trail gets really scary, i like to run 3 but you can always manage with the given options.

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