Swarmz 4 Dayz

Brome Warcrest

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 4380

Patch: 1.96

Author: Reeeeeeeeeeeeee69

Submitted: 2019.01.13

Empyreal Congregation
Skywind Glaives

A manlier, non-strategos take on swarm brome.

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Ree69/Loltakethistipnoob/godemperorragnora is a long time scrub on the s rank ladder. Besides bm'ing noobs or changing his name, he's known for popularizing multiple cards and deck shells which often become staples for the archetype they represent.

“And on the pedestal these words appear:
‘My name is Brometheus, king of kings;
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!'”



Yeah so this deck runs a bunch of little poops which can be buffed up with impunity before glaiving up to deliver the killing blow. This is not the first swarm brome, nor is it likely the best. But it is fast and it is fun. God lord, it is fun.


Card Choices:


10 overall: 3x congregation, 3x warblade, 2x war surge, and 2x skywind glaives. Aim to hit at least 3 minions with a buff unless you need the tempo in your opening or are looking for lethal.


Golem core

Self-explanatory. Ramp for days with a 2/3 and thicc 1/4 boi with the added benefit of being able to combo into a cool global +1/+1 1/4 boi.

Rocky Balboa

My 2 drop tech of choice. 1/4 is very sturdy, with provoke trapping generals in a way crestfallens often cannot. You can consider lion over this boy for more burst potential, but this lil’ meatball is by far more consistent.

The Pupper

Our lord and savior, Shiro is a godsend for this deck. Infinite value on a 1/4. Along with glaives, it can be clutched out with other buffs to ensure you play around plasma storm. Watch out for rebuke if you play this and go face on the same turn.

Squire and cleric

Resident 1-drop thicc boiz. Excellent way to float mana on fealty or buff turns. Don’t hold too many of these guys when replacing.


Your own personal razorback. Replace it in the early game unless looking to play around NS/plasma.

Immolation, Beam shock, and Draining Wave

Tempo tools to keep you ahead on board while keeping your board focused on your opponent’s face. Immo should be cycled early, but don’t be afraid to hold wave or shock.



Overall, a very fun deck. Note that it will take some getting used to, as improperly deciding whether to develop, buff, draw, or go face can lose games over the course of a turn. Always be aware of what aoe the opponent can use and use that knowledge to decide the former conundrum. Good luck, men.



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2 thoughts on “Swarmz 4 Dayz
    1. Haha your deck was actually the inspiration for mine. I prefer surge as it can edge your board out of plasma storm range along with shiro early without forcing a premature glaives. Surge is also stronger in swarm mirrors as it allows stronger trades. Congregation is superior in most other contexts.

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