Starhorn S & M

Starhorn the Seeker

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 11030

Patch: 1.96

Author: nh3maser

Submitted: 2018.11.06

Flash Reincarnation
Earth Sister Taygete

Damaging your own minions for fun and profits.

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One of Magmar’s themes is damaging your own minions in exchange for benefits, like discounted mana costs and buffs. There are also many minions give you benefits when they take damage. Throw all these together, and you get this monstrosity of a deck.



Taygete and Eclipse reflect damage, while Rawr and Juggernaut make minions.


Kujata and Flash Reincarnation allow you to get ahead on mana costs, while also triggering all your damage synergies. These empty your hand fast, which is why we’ve chosen Starhorn for his BBS. Everything else is damage-based AOE removal.


Since the condition for Amplification is easily met in this deck, it becomes basically a better Greater Fortitude, and is crucial for keeping your minions alive so they can be hurt more. The deck is rounded out by various Magmar/Neutral staples.



Contest mana tiles to set up for your big things. Amplification can let you dominate the board during this stage. A Flashed Rawr is more annoying than threatening, but can be tricky to deal with.


Taygete is important as a way of magnifying your low-damage AOE into real removal. Treat her as a localized sweeper that hopefully leaves a body behind. If you can accelerate out a Juggernaut at this portion of the game, it may win the game outright, but should at least tie up enemy resources in having to clear it.


Try to be conservative with your own life total, as it can be whittled away by pings and you’ll want to be able to live through a Stampede. Try to set up for the combo finish: if you can get an Eclipse to live through a turn (or a Taygete, and get it positioned next to the enemy general), Flaming Stampede’s effect is doubled up to deal 16 face damage (but only if you can survive the initial 8).

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3 thoughts on “Starhorn S & M
    1. The mana discounts tend to eat through your action bar pretty fast, and the only other source of card draw is Loremaster, so I like Starhorn’s BBS to keep the cards flowing. You could absolutely run Vaath instead if you’re careful with your replace decisions. Also, Krater + Skorn make this an ok shell for Fang, but not great. Keep in mind that this list as presently construed doesn’t have too much out-of-hand burst, so you may have trouble closing out the game after your single large hit with Fang.

  1. For a similar idea but a more serious (?) deck, here’s Audioloom’s controlly
    Eclipse deck (you need to add 2 more Eclipse and 2 Flaming Stampede):
    [miss 2 ecli 2 stamp]MTo0NDksMzo0MDksMzo0MTksMzo0MzksMzo0NTUsMzoxMDMwNSwxOjEwOTg2LDI6MTEwNDMsMjoxMTA4NCwzOjE5MDUyLDM6MjAxMTIsMzoyMDExOSwzOjIwMzQ0LDM6MjAzNjk=

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