Solar-Powered Arcanysts

Zir'An Sunforge

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 5630

Patch: 1.96

Author: Halcyon98

Submitted: 2019.10.16

Trinity Wing
Sun Sister Sterope
Owlbeast Sage

What happens when Arcanysts go sunbathing under the glorious Lyonar sun. Sling spells, bolster your soldiers, and punch unenlightened rivals into submission!

Nice to meet you all, Halcyon here. I’ve been a player for 25 seasons and a pretty reliable source for all sorts of shits and giggles. Catch me around in the forums where I’ll be talking about hentai, or on the ladder with some weird-ass deck that never works. I love everything Duelyst-related, so feel free to add me in-game if you want somebody to chat and play friendlies with.


Arcanyst Lyonar, dubbed as “Owlpunch” by players, is a classic archetype that revolves around buffing an Owlbeast and casting Divine Bond on it. This deck adds another moving part to this equation: healing. Healing and Arcanysts are surprisingly compatible, with Lifestream tutoring deck engines such as Illusionist or Owlbeast, True Strikes from Sterope serving as great Arcanyst procs, and Trinity Wing also giving you a spell that heals. In addition, many swarm-oriented Lyonar spells works wonders when paired with Arcanysts, such as Empyrean Congregation and Bolster.

How to Play

The primary win-con of this deck is to swarm the board with Arcanysts. This isn’t a very difficult thing to accomplish, with Conjurer giving supplying you an infinite stream of Arcanysts and Owlbeast buffing your swarm to infinity and beyond. The only real thing you have to look out for is Plasma Storm, so take precautions when facing Magmar. The secondary win-con is the good old-fashioned Owlpunch, where you cast Divine Bond on your 28 Health Owlbeast. Now it’s even easier to do than before, with the addition of Bolster. The deck may seem too slow to compete in today’s meta, but as long as you keep the opponent in check with Lightbender and Wave, and keep your Owlbeast alive, you will be able to make it through.

Sun Sister Sterope, while not an Arcanyst herself, is another very useful tool in the deck. As it turns out, True Strike is one of the best Arcanyst-procs in the faction, if not the entire game. And with Lifestream, Cleric, and Zir’An’s BBS, this deck faces no shortage of healing. True Strike in itself is pretty great in today’s meta as well, being able to take out Iron Dervishes and Wanderer Eggs. It’s a really fun but powerful rogue strategy I strongly urge you to try out.

Possible Techs

Araras Prophet

Araras is a relatively recent addition to the Arcanysts, and it’s pretty decent overall. Admittedly, it has very little immediate impact, but the long term value it generates can be quite useful. The token spell it creates is obviously to be used as Arcanyst proc, but it also can combo with Sterope to add even more spells to your hand. You can replace Aethermaster for Prophet, although I personally prefer Aethermaster.

Sundrop Elixr

Because staying alive is difficult. Besides, it’s a cheap spell that’s always welcomed in Arcanyst decks, and it has synergy with Sterope. Pretty sweet. If you want to trade some tempo and board for the pleasure of watching aggro decks rip their hair out, run Sundrop Elixr. I recommend taking out Aegis Barrier or Beam Shock for some. I consider this slot to be quite flexible; you can consider running other cheap Lyonar spells like Sun Bloom, according to your preferences.

Empyrean Congregation

I’ve used this card in space of Matyrdom with varying levels of success. The main issue with this card is that it’s a win-more card; if you already have enough bodies on board to make this card worth it, you probably have the upper hand anyways, But in the end, it’s entirely up to you. This deck is already a meme anyways so why not just go all in. Tech Empyrean Congregation if you’re feeling spicier than usual.

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