Scarzig on Vetruvian Golem Shell

Ciphyron Ascendant

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Midrange

Spirit: 7380

Patch: 1.96

Author: cloudfrog

Submitted: 2019.06.14

Scarzig, Feather Knight
Kinematic Projection

Scarzig on Vetruvian Golem Shell. use buffs, maw, and kproj to get feather knight as early as t2.

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Hi, cloudfrog here. Long time Vetruvian and Abyssian player who lurks a lot in the forums. I struggled at crafting and piloting songhai or vanar decks built around scarzig, do i built a deck around the tools most familiar to me: vetruvian golems.

Basic Gameplan:

Play the game like you would a golem deck, unless the opportunity rises for a Scarzig. Scarzig’s buff tools like the wishes, kproj, and astral phasing, can make even a dreamshaper dangerous. Use maw to remove small but terrible threats like eggs and heartseekers. Unlike Bloodtear, maw can kill eggs and heartseekers even after Mythron drops.

Summoning Scarzig:

The hardest part of playing Scarzig is summoning him and making sure you don’t waste 3 mana. This is not to say that scarzig should transform all the time, but rather, getting value from scarzig even if he dies. There are two things to consider when summoning Scarzig:

  1. Can you transform it into Feather Knight the next turn if it’s not answered?
  2. Will the opponent be forced to use a removal card?

if you so much as bait out a daemonic lure or a lava lance,  you’ve pretty much made it much safer to put down key minions like metallurgist or EMP.  Of course, it’s almost pointless to summon this vs songhai. almost all of their cards could kill a 1/2 anyway.

Transforming to Feather Knight:

  1. Summon some minions so you can capitalize on FK early.
  2. Whittling the minion down/Buffing Scarzig Stats
    • Maw
    • Face
    • First wish
  3. Line Up Scarzig for KProj, kill and transform.
  4. FK can move immediately. Attack the next minion.

You can also use astral Phasing to turn Scarzig into a makeshift BoA and then fly in to kill high value squishies like eggs or heartseekers and then attack the next closes things.

Abusing bad matchups, you can put in in Gor’s range, or a BBS-ed  ooz.

Other Cards to Consider:

Primus Fist: would make up for the deck’s lackluster ability to do some solid damage without the wishes.

Blood Tear: could be useful if i don’t draw maw.

Repulsor: Could be useful for getting a minion closer, and then Ciph BBS. If you can fit in a T-Horn or LitD by all means insert this.

Cards I don’t bother with:

Mirrorim is great for increasing feather knight odds, but that’s where its usefulness in this deck starts and ends. Only use this if you’ve made yourself a variant of this deck that has minions that benefit from having more copies in the deck. Besides, the cycle from shaper and first wish is enough for me.

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