Satellite Laser 2500

Zirix Starstrider

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 6780

Patch: 1.96

Author: Halcyon98

Submitted: 2019.09.25

Worldcore Golem
Kinematic Projection

A Vetruvian Golem deck with a fun twist. Blast away at your enemies with the full force of a planet and watch the universe shatter to pieces. Awesomeness awaits!

Nice to meet you all, Halcyon here. I’ve been a player for 23 seasons and a pretty reliable source for all sorts of shits and giggles. Catch me around in the forums where I’ll be talking about hentai, or on the ladder with some weird-ass deck that never works. I love everything Duelyst-related, so feel free to add me in-game if you want somebody to chat and play friendlies with.


The win-con of a standard Vetruvian Golem deck is Sirocco, which is often paired with Inner Oasis for a Rebuke-resistant swarm of Skyrock Golems. Combined with Golem Metallurgist or Celebrant, the combo can be played as early as T4, but it may lack consistency and decisiveness in a sense where a the Skyrock Golems are summoned on random spaces. This list offers a secondary win-con, which is Worldcore Golem combined with Kinematic Projection or Astral Phasing. This combo will result in a guaranteed victory if the Worldcore survives for a turn, and there’s a pretty good chance it will as the opponent would have most likely run out of removal.

Game Plan

This deck starts off like a Midrange deck but finishes like a Control one. The game plan is rather flexible and cards could be played with their combo parts or alone earlier in the game; the decision is up to the player.


Like any other Vetruvian deck, the Golem package, as in Golem Metallurgist, Dreamshaper, and Celebrant, is your best early-game option. Likewise, your best possible starting hand will consist of a Celebrant or Golem Metallurgist, a Dreamshaper, and a Sirocco. Some sort of removal, like Blood of Air or Sandswirl Reader, is also great. You won’t have to hold on to Worldcore Golem or its combo parts because you’ll more or less have the entire game to draw them. If you have a First Wish, use it on Golem Metallurgist so that it won’t die to Phoenix Fire.


This is where you’ll be able to play your  Thunderhorns. Thunderhorn has suffered horribly since its nerf, but it is still one of the best 4 drops out there. Fortunately for us, it works wonders with Kinematic Projection and Astral Phasing. Play the Thunderhorn in the backline so that the opponent wouldn’t prioritize it for removal, and wreak absolute havoc next turn with an 8 damage burst and field clean or a 4/9 Flying cow of doom. You’ll also be able to use Sandswirl Reader and Blood of Air to bring enemy threats into line. Both are phenomenal cards and are essential if you want to survive until late-game. You can also play Sirocco if you really feel the urgency to secure the board, but I recommend saving it for later to use with Inner Oasis.


Now it is time to finish off your opponent for good; a Sirocco and Inner Oasis combo should be a good place to start. A swarm of 3/5 is a formidable adversary, as it survives most forms of AoE. When playing Worldcore, it’s the same idea with Thunderhorn. Play it in the backline so that your opponent won’t feel like removing it immediately, and drop the Kinematic Projection or Astral Phasing next turn. (The opponent should already be pretty distracted with Skyrock Golems and Thunderhorns anyway.) Believe me, there’s nothing as majestic as a Worldcore Golem blasting a massive beam into the enemy’s face or marching across the board to deliver its signature earthshattering punch. That sight alone is worth playing Worldcore.

Techs and Tips

This deck is highly customizable and there are many different techs to try to accommodate different playstyles. Just make sure the deck maintains its basic shell of the Golem package, Sirocco, Worldcore, Kinematic Projection, and some removal.


Orbrider is a trash card, but if you have that meme in you, take out the Heralds for some of these odd boys. You can bounce Celebrants for extra mana tiles, or you can bounce Sirocco for double the golems. Double time, double pay!

Rasha’s Curse

Rasha’s Curse is always a good idea in a meta dominated by eggs and artifacts. Similarly, Bloodtear Alchemist and Bone Swarm are all great options as well. You can take out Heralds or Astral Phasings to add them in. Just be aware of what the opponent is playing so you’ll know when to hold on to the card and when to replace it.

Cataclysmic Fault & KHANUUM-KA

Fucking fine. If you want legitimate late-game options other than fucking Worldcore, do it. But do you seriously want to dilute the awesomeness of this deck by adding fucking Fault and fucking Kha? Yes, your win-rate will see a boost. Yes, you won’t die as easily. But are you actually going to run Fault and Kha? Yeah, I thought not.

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