Replace Ciphyron

Ciphyron Ascendant

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Midrange

Spirit: 9110

Patch: 1.96

Author: mrmana3

Submitted: 2019.05.25

Grapnel Paradigm
Inquisitor Kron
White Widow

A classic good-stuff Ciphyron deck that makes use of a replace core.

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[replace ciphyron]MToyNTQsMzoyMzgsMzoyNDYsMjoyNTIsMjoyNjEsMzoxMDk5MywzOjExMDE5LDM6MTEwMjAsMzoxMTA2NCwyOjExMDg0LDM6MTEwOTgsMzoxOTAzOCwzOjIwMDk1LDM6MjAyNTQsMzoyMDMzNg==
Hey everyone. I'm a 3+ year Duelyst player who's always trying to find the medium between competitiveness and spicy memery when it comes to building decks. We will now be looking at a Ciphyron deck that blends the golem and replace packages.

Focus Of The Deck

This deck makes use of the Vetruvian golem package to establish early-game board presence, then maintain board control with vetruvian’s 5 mana removal suite.  It also blends in replace-centric cards that can threaten from afar, uses grapnel paradigm to create massive board swings, and can close out games with a potent swarmking scarab.

How Do I Play This Deck?

Early Game

Vetruvian’s golem core (golem metallurigist, celebrant, and dreamshaper) can get a lot of bodies on board in a short time while also keeping up hand size. It’s advised to keep a removal card such as Sandswirl Reader or Blood of Air in hand if possible.

Mid Game

Look to play higher-impact cards like White Widow or Inquisitor Kron to apply sizable pressure to your opponent.  Also make use of your removal cards to keep the board stable if necessary.

Late Game

Swarmking Scarab is the one true “bomb” in this deck, and can act as a solid win condition against factions like Lyonar and Magmar who often struggle with it.  Factions weaker to decks that go wide (meaning dispersing your threats among multiple minions) should be approached by making more tempo-oriented plays rather than playing a single high-costed minion.

Tips & Tricks

Equality Constraint is A Multi-Purpose Card

Many players see equality constraint  as a cheap removal tool for dealing with minions that have low attack stats. When using Ciphyron as your general, equality constraint can answer many more threats by using the attack reduction effect from your Bloodbound Spell.

But did you know equality constraint is also a cheap way to strengthen your own minion? If you have a low-health minion with considerable attack power, you can replenish that minion’s strength for a low price. Wings of Paradise is a common user of this card. Doing nothing more than a replace, you can raise Wings of Paradise’s attack power to 5 until the end of turn. This lets you fly in, attack an enemy, then get a 5 health flier. With Aethermaster, you can get your wings to be even bulkier. Feel free to add Theobule to the deck as well. If Theobule helps you find equality constraint, your wings will become unimaginably durable.

Draw Vs. Replace: Which Comes First?

Sequencing when you draw versus replace isn’t always easy. There are a lot of factors that have to be juggled, and it can be quite a bit to handle. To help make the process simpler, ask yourself what play you would want to make on that turn. Your ideal play may leave you with some mana to spare.  If you have leftover mana, try using it to draw before making your replace. This helps to thin your deck so if you don’t draw the card you want, your replace will be made from a smaller deck, increasing your chances of finding the card you want. On the other hand, if your ideal play requires all of your mana for the turn, replacing first is recommended as using first wish or dreamshaper to draw won’t leave you with the mana to carry out your desired play. White Widow and Kron can complicate things, since you can gain additional effects from them by replacing while they’re on the board.  Deciding to benefit from their replace effects versus trying to replace into another play is another tough decision to be made, and it’s one that only you can decide for yourself.

In Closing

If you’re looking to for a deck with a little spice that has a strong foundation to support it, this could be the deck for you. Feel free to tweak it how you want to comfortably fit your play style, as there are ways the deck can be adjusted to be suited for each player.

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