Recalled to Life

Brome Warcrest

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 19950

Patch: 1.96

Author: nh3maser

Submitted: 2018.12.07

Vale Ascension
Keeper of the Vale
Amaranthine Vow

“Gracious Creator of day! To be buried alive for eighteen years!”


Three factions have a “resurrection” subtheme, with cards that resummon previously destroyed minions. In Abyssian and Vetruvian, this both fits thematically and synergizes with the in-faction support for the Dying Wish keyword. In the last faction, Lyonar, it seems a little more out of place. This deck is what happens when you try to push that theme to the extreme.


Staying Alive

Early game, keep your distance and dig for removal spells you can cast. You may burn a card or two, which isn’t a huge deal. Drop a big minion as soon as you can – it will die, but not forever…  Keep playing removal and minions (all of which help preserve your life total in some form, most commonly through having provoke) until you get to 7 mana.

If not already dead, you will likely be under a ton of pressure at this point. Aiperon’s Claim is the critical card to transition to the late game – it clears out immediate threats from all around you and gives you multiple Hallowed Ground to power up any remaining Assaults and turn on Vale Ascension.


Once you’re looking at a fairly clear board, it’s time to start the reanimation!

The Vale cards (Keeper, Ascension) can only get non-token minions, so in particular the pool isn’t polluted by Crestfallen from your BBS. This means that they should pull a valuable big minion every time they’re cast (although if Keeper dies, it itself is eligible for resurrecting).

Vow, on the other hand, pulls all minions with provoke, including Crestfallen and Tombstones. Try to cast it with as many free spaces around your general as possible so as to recall everything that died.

Tech Choices

This list is far from optimized (to the extent that that’s even possible for a deck as meme-y as this). Depending on what you run into, you might want to substitute in more early-game spot removal like Lasting Judgement or Martyrdom. You could also change up the package of big boys to include cards like Kron, Elyx, Bonereaper, or even Sky Phalanx.

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5 thoughts on “Recalled to Life
    1. I haven’t played this deck too much, and certainly not recently, but I can’t recall having any problems with using Vale Ascension to revive minions killed via either damage or spells. Testing in Sandbox just now also didn’t demonstrate any issues. However, I did come across another significant issue, which is that, contrary to how the card is worded, apparently Vow won’t resurrect tokens. I don’t know if this is changed behavior or if I just never noticed this earlier.

      1. I can confirm that the card is bugged. I played it quite a lot when it came out and it would bug out quite often. Especially Egg Morph makes it unplayable for some reason iIrr.
        Yes, it never resurrects tokens, which is why it synergizes with Brome.

        1. Egg Morph should stop revival. It is a transform, which does not kill the minion. So the target minion does not go into the ‘graveyard’. The thing it transform into (the egg) is a token so also cannot be revived. If the only minions that died were ‘died by transformation’ and/or tokens you have nothing to revive. Intentionally use of transform can be used as a strategy to prevent revival.

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