Ragnora the Relentless

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Aggro

Spirit: 5550

Patch: 1.96

Author: AlphaCentury

Submitted: 2018.11.01

Wild Inceptor
Tectonic Spikes
Flameblood Warlock

It’s like Egg Ragnora, if Egg Ragnora decided it didn’t want to be a fair board-based deck any more and preferred killing people on 6 mana.

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AlphaCentury is one of Duelyst's original Grandmasters. He is known for consistently breaking the meta with "solitaire" combo decks and no-fun control decks, as well as optimizing a variety of other archetypes. When he doesn't lose in round 2, he is also a tournament force to be reckoned with. He has Youtube and Twitch channels where he shows off cool decks. No he is not full of himself, thank you for asking.

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This is the deck you have been waiting for. The reintroduction of Aggro, since apparently Aggro Reva isn’t cool any more and nobody wants to play Aggro Cassyva. Aggro decks are always powerful in Duelyst, due to this age-old idea: Your answer cards might not always line up with your opponent’s threats, but your aggro cards will always line up with their face.

Ragnora is objectively the best general right now. Rippers are stupid. Having a BBS that is an answer or die threat is quite good, as it turns out. Ragnora also has access to the world’s stupidest burst combo, egg+hatch+Greater Fortitude on 6 mana for 10 damage. And it turns out that burst combos which deal 2/5 of a genreal’s HP work best in aggro. Starhorn taught us that. So all in all, its a surprise the idea of Raggro hasn’t been thrown around much yet.

Cards you play

These are Primus Fist, Young Silithar, Spelljammer, and Erratic Raptyr. These cards are sticky, so they live into your turn. When you get to untap with a creature on the board, that creature can go face. We smart.

One thing: try to get some semblance of value out of Raptyr. Its important.

Tempo removal

Bloodtear Alchemist, Rage Reactor, Makantor Warbeast, Lava Lance. These are cheap and efficient ways to remove your opponent’s board while developing your own agenda.


  • Hatchy boi is best saved for ripper combos, or for clearing something with a Raptyr and getting a whole new Raptyr (which sometimes goes face).
  • Fortitude is best used on rippers, but oftentimes its correct to play it normally on a normal minion. This is OK too.
  • Egg Morph… is a hatchy spell. But its also removal for when your opponent plays something stupid like a Project Omega and you haven’t killed them yet.
  • Flash Reincarnation makes the whole deck go at light speed. Seriously. So fast. Use it for a 1 mana Raptyr (is this ok?) or for a 2 drop Jammer. Use it to kill people with an egg combo on 4 mana. Lol. Or use it for the games oldest broken play, Flash+Makantor+Fortitude.

Oh no my hand is empty because my whole deck costs like 2 mana :(

tectonic spikes

Flameblood warlock deals 3 damage to the enemy general.

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