One Woman Army Shidai

Shidai Stormblossom

Category: Tournament Deck

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 9890

Patch: 1.96

Author: Niklaren

Submitted: 2019.01.02

Shidai Stormblossom
Bangle of Blinding Strike
Cyclone Mask

Minions are for chumps

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Hi, I'm Niklaren. Long time S ranker and tournament participant. I play all factions and playstyles, but do have my favorites. I like to help out when I can, so create budget decks, review replays, answer questions or just chat. Hit me up in game or on discord. If you prefer, drop a comment on the article, i'll read it... eventually.


I don’t claim this is the best artifact list, but it’s fun to play minion-less lists and this works pretty well. So if this appeals to you, then knock yourself out.

Playing the Deck

You’re kinda like a control deck that should constantly be looking for lethal. You have loads of mobility, but that doesn’t mean you get to ignore every enemy minion. You really want to get your Bangle & Cyclone Mask on in most cases as it lets you clear board and chip damage. Essentially if you draw well you get to shit out damage, and if not you’re the mouse in Cat & Mouse.

Card Choices

Shidai Stormblossom

Many People run Reva, but a) Heartseekers are minions, and b) Shidai adds a lot to the deck, extra backstab damage, cards in hand, mobility and Tanahashi is great to clear a bodyguard for backstabs.

Ghost Lightning

AoE for swarms and whatnot.


Ping a thing and draw a card.

Mist Walking

Let’s you cheaply move above to dodge provokes and get into Backstab position or out of the enemies’ attack range. If you’re trying to dodge provoke with this then don’t sit in the corner.

Phoenix Fire

Cheapest Single target damage removal. Good for doming enemies and sniping minions.

Saberspine Seal

Best used with Bangle, usable in other scenarios for just 3 damage.


If you have this in hand and Cyclone mask equipped then feel free to shoot away in a corner until they get too close, then TP out. You can often neutralize or avoid the minion you TP behind to prevent damage to your artifacts.

Onyx Bear Seal

For Dying Wishes & similar. As well as high HP duders and provokes.


Good card.

Cobra Strike

Clear an enemy and chip damage.

Spiral Technique

Draw into this when you need to do a lot of damage with just 1 card.

Crescent Spear

Makes all your removal good, as well as making your Range attacks better.

Mask of Shadows

Flicker behind them and then bangle them for 14 (or more) damage EZ.

Bangle of Blinding Strike

Makes you very mobile and very threatening. Either empowering your Range or backstabs. Or just use with Saberspine Seal for random 10 damage.

Cyclone Mask

Once you equip your full artifact set you feel pretty powerful. Then they EMP and you cry.

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