Okka Vigor

Ragnora the Relentless

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Control

Spirit: 11970

Patch: 1.96

Author: HumanCalc

Submitted: 2019.04.29

Alcuin Fugitive
Silithar Elder

An Eggy Egg Deck with some Intensify effects.

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[okka vigor]MTo0NDksMzo0MDUsMzo0MDksMzo0MTIsMjo0MTQsMjo0MzIsMjo0NDEsMzo0NTEsMzoxMTEyNSwzOjExMTQ0LDI6MjAwNjMsMzoyMDExMiwzOjIwMTU3LDM6MjAyMDMsMjoyMDM1OCwyOjMwMDU1

I have reached 1k days visited on the Duelyst forums. So time to post a deck.

The deck idea is to create a Magmar intensify deck. Namely Okkadok and Invigoration. Hence the deck name.
To use Invigoration I added Fugitive. If Fugitive sticks then you are almost immortal. Flash is added to get Fugitive out earlier. Fugitive can even give back a copy of Flash.
To use Okka I added Progenitor and Fractal.
For the intensify effects to work, I avoided making the deck super fast and made a relatively slow deck.
While rare to win by intensify effects and Fractal, it is fun when it happens. Things get crazy when you Fractal a Fugitive.

Usual methods of winning

Fugitive + Lava Lance spam, because Lava Lance is supposed to be OP so you got to play it a million times.
Forcefield eggs (Zoetic Charm) and spamming eggs.
And Silthar Elder, the newest addition to the deck. Surprisingly I seem to be winning much more after adding the almost forgotten Elder. Guess it makes sense that a slow powerful finisher works in a slow deck.

Win rate after including Elder

1 loss, 9 wins, 1 loss, 5 wins reaching S rank. Then another 2 wins.
Thanks Hsuku for stopping my 9 win streak.

So for whatever reason I’m magically winning with this fun deck. So I decided to show this deck.
Enjoy your day.

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