Zirix Starstrider

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Midrange

Spirit: 7680

Patch: 1.96

Author: Nuisar

Submitted: 2018.10.18

Fireblaze Obelysk
Purgatos, The Realmkeeper
Cataclysmic Fault

Fault Obelysks

Hello everybody I'm Nuisar and I have been playing for 25 seasons now on Duelyst. I got into a bit more competitive mood 3 months ago ( August 2018, archieving Diamond 2 ) and I started playing different versions of Fault. This is the latest I came out with.


I’d like to start with WHY I came out with this list and not another. I played basic fault list, portal guardian fault list  and bunch of others.

What I didn’t like about other versions is :

3x azure herald – This is probably one of the worst cards in most of our opening hands, it sucks if you replace into it.

3x alchemist – almost useless in late game , it’s ok in 2x just to keep the board clear in the early game. Late game : feeds Kha ( which is ok) but you could almost do it with any creature if you landed Fault

Portal Guardian – Awesome after you land a Fault but until that moment you are going to build this threat too slowly if it’s on the board

Spelljammer – Very powerful but imho you have to be already ahead ( more cards in hand than your opponent) to get the full potential by this card. Still very good


What I’ve learnt about this deck ( Fault in general) is that obv you want to cast fault as soon as possible while keeping a board as clean as possible. This is not as easy as it sounds coz you need those first turns to build your golem/draw engine, we are playing just blood of air as spot removal and imho there’s no space for wraith, plus I don’t like waiting the start of my next turn hoping nothing happens to it.

What I’m playing

2x Rasha’s Curse – Ok, this cards seemed completely disappeared in the last months. Actually I found it really useful particularly against Shidai based decks and songhai in general. Spawns a 2/2 which is basically a removal in early game but could turn into a finisher in the late game since we r also playing Fireblaze obelysks

3xFireblaze Obelysks – Boost our midgame, strong body, can be threathening to some of opponent’s minions. Needless to mention interactions with fault and Kha

2x Realkeeper – Why ? coz a 3/5 for 4 mana which deals bonus dmg or heal our general is exactly what this deck needs. Clears the board while unbalancing the game in our favor, for 4 mana.

3x duskweaver – I was looking for a replacement instead of azure. At the end of the day this a decent card I guess. Makes you draw a Wish, gets empowered  by obelysk.





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1 thought on “ObelisKha
  1. Just wanted to comment since I am a Fault main, after all, and I think my list is the one most new people are playing because it is on the Power Rankings:

    I understand why you might disagree with some of my deckbuilding choices (Portal Guardian, Herald,Jammer) but I have to say that running 2x Sandswirl is just wrong. Always run 3x, that card is actually ridiculously busted. It’s a 3/3 (about 2-3 mana worth of stats) that has a Hailstone Prison effect and generates a sand tile. It’s not only a great value play, since it sets up a sand tile, but also a great tempo play, and what you’re really looking for in Fault is good tempo going into your Fault turn.

    Now, addressing some card choices/exclusions:
    Azure herald is purely for stabilization. Once Fault is down, you usually win unless your opponent can kill you, and Herald slows that down a lot. It’s also a good card to play alongside BoA or Ka for more Fault procs. Of course, it’s not that good in the opening hand, and I usually replace it unless I think I’m vs a burn deck but 1/4 body is still alright, and better than Duskweaver, which gives up tempo way too hard if it dies to a ping. If you don’t like Herald, consider a tempo 2-drop like Primus Fist or Healing Mystic in its place; I think that would benefit the deck much more than Duskweaver.

    3x Alchemist: Alchemist is good for tempo, bad for card efficiency. If you aren’t running Jammer, BTA will feel really bad. I think 2x might actually be a good number for this list if it isn’t running Jammers.

    Portal Guardian: The main purpose of this card in my list is to fill out the curve around T2-T3, a role you fill with Purgatos. Portal isn’t actually for post-Fault, it is to zone the opponent away from you so you can hit your Fault turn relatively unpressured. Even at around 2-3 boosts, which is easy to get with First Wish and golems, it is usually pretty good value for a 3-drop (for comparison, Terradon is a 3 mana 2/8 without Frenzy). Of course, the weakness of Portal Guardian is dispel, and if dispel becomes common in the meta, you should replace it with better cards.

    Spelljammer: Pretty good 4-drop, solid body with the effect of refilling your hand, which is actually very useful after playing Fault since the deck does have some hand size issues if the game goes on too long after Fault is dropped. Spelljammer also has synergy with Sandswirl (you fill their hand and Sandswirl burns their minion) which is pretty neat. The issue with jammer is that there are a lot of decks that use cards better than Fault does, such as burn Ziran and aggro in general, and in those matchups, jammer feels like a liabilty. I have been running Fifth Canopic over jammer and increasing my curve a little to compensate for the lack of draw, and it feels pretty good atm, so that might be a consideration.

    Rasha’s Curse: Good card, kills Zoetic, Wanderer eggs, etc. along with what you mentioned. Be careful though, because it is easy to drain your hand when playing this card.

    Fireblaze Obelysk: I was actually running this, alongside Star’s Fury, in an earlier iteration of my deck, and when it worked, it felt great. The issue is Fireblaze gets chewed up by Rippers, which are currently everywhere on ladder. Outside of that, has the same weakness as Portal to dispel, but has an immediate effect so it’s not as bad. It is a very fun card, especially vs burn Songhai and Ziran, and great after Fault, just feels bad to play it when there is so much Ragnora on ladder.

    Purgatos: Interesting inclusion, I think it would be much better if it consistently healed, but it is a solid 4 drop. I’m not exactly sold that it fits the deck, but maybe the health swings matter more than I give it credit for. I still think Herald is better for consistent healing though.

    Duskweaver: I mentioned why I didn’t like it earlier, and also I’m not sure how much this deck needs Wishes. I feel like 3 First Wishes is enough for the deck, and Third Wish doesn’t seem optimal to play until post-Fault. I have not tried Second Wish though, it may be very good with golems and Purgatos, but I’m still not convinced it warrants running this card.

    Not running Skorn or any other AoE (like Star’s Fury) seems like a good way to lose to swarm/egg decks but those are not particularly popular right now so I suppose it is debatable whether or not you run the,/

    I’m not sure you want EMP in this list, unless you are really afraid of walls. A lot of the time you are dispelling better things on your board than your opponents. I play EMP because I usually don’t play Portal Guardian after t2-t3 unless I’m really ahead, but Fireblaze is played at all stages of the game, and dispelling it feels really bad.

    Overall, pretty neat list, I always like to see different Fault variants, since outside of its core shell it is pretty flexible to techs and such. Outside of Duskweaver and 2x Sandswirl, I think every other card choice can probably work.

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