Never More Admired than by the Negligent

Argeon Highmayne

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 6810

Patch: 1.96

Author: nh3maser

Submitted: 2019.08.11

Lysian Brawler
Azurite Lion

Ripper combo, but in Lyonar.
“Let’s do ’t after the high Roman fashion
And make death proud to take us.”


Celerity is a scary keyword, as anyone who’s played with or against Ragnora well knows. On a Celerity minion, the effects of Attack buffs are doubled, leading to quick lethals. However, the main thing making the Ripper combo so scary is the ability to rush it out with an egg-hatching effect. Is it possible to make a Celerity OTK work without Rush? An alternative suggests itself by looking at the case of Scarzig in Songhai – there, if you can safely tuck him on the backline, later you can rely on repositioning tools to move him into position to go face. This deck is an attempt to make a similar strategy work in Lyonar.



  • Azurite Lion
  • Lysian Brawler

The cheapest Celerity minions available. Lion is just a good card and won’t raise any eyebrows, but Brawler will tip people off to what’s going on and and must be carefully babysitted.


  • Cryptographer
  • Primus Fist
  • Marching Orders
  • Bloodbound Mentor
  • Divine Bond

These are the most cost-efficient buffing options Lyonar has to offer. For the 3-drop buff slot, there are arguments to be made for Empyreal Congregation or Afterblaze instead – critically, these spells both buff Health in addition to Attack, which usually ensures that your Celerity minion can get in the double hit on the enemy general. In the end I went with Bond for the greater explosiveness.


  • Healing Mystic
  • Silverguard Knight
  • Holy Immolation
  • War Exorcist

As already mentioned, your Celerity minion needs at least 3 health in order to get in a twofold hit. These cards help keep up your minion’s health by Provoking away attackers or restoring it directly. Exorcist is particular is nice as a big frontline threat which will draw removal away from your Celerity minions, or just win the game if left unanswered.


  • Trinity Oath

A Lyonar staple card. Allows you to play a normal tempo-based game early on and still have the resources necessary to combo off later.

  • Magnetize

You may have forgotten this card exists since it’s so outside the normal Lyonar faction identity. It’s conditional, but can actually play very well – early game it’s like a Demonic Lure to snipe backline units, and late game it’s like a Mist Dragon Seal to move your big Celerity minion into attacking range.


For the most part, the deck plays like a variation of normal tempo Argeon, and it’s certainly possible to win games without drawing your combo pieces. If you do need to set up for the combo finish, though, the best way is to try to play a Celerity minion as safely as possible, keep your own general closeby to the opponent, and accumulate buffs in your Action Bar together with a copy of Magnetize. Once you have the resources you need, Magnetize your minion to within range of the enemy general and apply all your buffs  (conveniently, all of your buff’s proximity restrictions are met this way). This way you avoid the massive card disadvantage of having a highly buffed minion killed with no return on investment, and if your Celerity minion does happen to be removed prematurely, sometimes you can still parlay the accumulated buffs into a victory.

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2 thoughts on “Never More Admired than by the Negligent
  1. Import code (minus 2 War Exorcist):
    [missing 2 Exorcist]MToxLDM6OCwzOjExLDM6MjEsMTo1OSwzOjEwOTgxLDM6MTEwODgsMzoxMTEyNSwzOjE5MDM3LDM6MjAwNjcsMzoyMDA2OCwzOjIwMTYxLDM6MjAyMzIsMzoyMDM2Ng==

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