Mind Stealing

Starhorn the Seeker

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Tempo

Spirit: 9880

Patch: beta

Author: vbcfbhc

Submitted: 2024.02.18

Mind Steal
Twin Fang

A deck focusing on maximizing value of mind steal.

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[mind steal]MTo0NzYsMzo0NjMsMzo0NjQsMzo0NjcsMzo0NzAsMzo0NzUsMzoxMTI0NSwyOjExMjUxLDI6MTEyOTgsMzoyMDQ3NSwzOjIwNDc2LDE6MjA0ODIsMjoyMDQ4NSwzOjIwNDg4LDM6MzAxMTQsMjozMDExNQ==

Throw everything you get, empty your hand and pray for salvation of mind stealing god.

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