MId(Ranged) Vet

Ciphyron Ascendant

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Midrange

Spirit: 6230

Patch: beta

Author: Scuttle

Submitted: 2023.02.26

Portal Guardian
Sworn Avenger
Starfire Scarab

Fight for board tooth and nail for victory. Lose board = gg.
Shoutout to Dragal for inspiration

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Hello i'm a consistent S-ranker though keep in mind that doesn't mean i'm good. This is what I used to climb to S-rank on both Scuttle and Shuttle (Very minor differences between them). The climb was somewhat painful but more on that in the explanation.

Playing Vetruvian (Midranged)

As Vetruvian you only have one goal. Make your board stick. If you can do this you can ramp into bigger threats that can slowly snowball you’re way to victory.

We do this by having plenty of low-cost value minions that need to be answered. Portal guardian, sworn avenger, pyromancer, all require answers. Squeeze enough out of your opponent and your scarabs / aymaras become even stronger. Though be careful when you decide to flick the switch and begin pressuring the general. Too early and unless the opponent mis-steps you’ll lose your board and they’ll retake the game. Too late and you may not survive.


The only hopeless match up is Vanar. Even with all the low cost value units you can pack in a 39 card deck list they’ll find answers to them all. Even if you manage to eek out a winning position all it takes is one Jax to destroy your hopes and dreams. Even then their plethora of low-cost single target removals will let them snowball a powerful position to set up razorbacks.

Other matchups can go either way, Versus Lyo getting martydumb spammed in the early game can open up late game with Scarabs and Aymaras. Magmar can go either way depending on what their running and the Aby matchup depends on if they can get nightshroud value.

Of all the matchups i felt songhai was the most favored (spellhai mainly, minion hai not so much). With the healing present, rashas to deal with masks, and scarabs being big beefy lads if Songhai can’t put on the pressure then theyre toast.


  • Mirage Master: You can definitely run more copies of mirage though you run the risk of making aggro / tempo matchups slighlty worse if there aren’t any good targets.
  • Orb Weaver / Dune caster / Lady Locke: Dunecaster unlocks strong combo (for vet :( ) even without running fireblaze obs. Can lead to some nice lethals with a max damage of 10 dmg with Rasha + Dune + 1st Wish + Mirage (don’t get too excited). As for Lady Locke she is still quite strong when paired with Orbweaver.
  • Zen Rui / Blind Scorch: A more Sabo playstyle that can steal games away.
  • Wind Shrike: A strong flying minion that can help clear board. With how much board matters an extra +2 attack on your general can be nice and also eat up removal for your other threats.
  • Third Wish: Definitely a card I’m going to experiment more with starting next season. 1 mana cheaper than entropic and the extra movement can help reach backline threats. Pair with wind shrike for nice results.
  • Mirkblood: Suprisingly good when paired with saberspine tigers and rashas curses. The extra health lets your rushes trade above 3 damage letting them clear fourwinds magi’s and other such 4 hp threats.


The deck, while seemingly straightforward, can be quite headache inducing. Why? You really need to out position and out maneuver the opponent. Any minor slip or misplay could result in you losing your whole board or lethal. Just play magmar / lyonar / or vanar honestly.

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