Midrange Wailing Overdrive

Faie Bloodwing

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Midrange

Spirit: 12260

Patch: 1.96

Author: DefectiveProduct

Submitted: 2018.10.15

Wailing Overdrive
Malicious Wisp

Overdrive your way to S-Rank!

I was tweeking the deck over the past few months and I'm pretty satisfied with my current version. The only thing I would change is the Aspect of Ego. Aspect of Ego is ofcourse very inconsistent. It can win you the game right of the bat, or lose you the game in an instant. It's mainly there for transforming your Wisp at 5 Mana, which will completely throw of Vetruvian, Wanderer and Titan. You can probably switch it out for Aspect of the Ravager or Aspect of the Bear if you want. Smooth sailing to high diamond. I'm pretty confident that I could've gotten S rank if I didn't play near the end of the season. The deck has proven to beat most meta decks in the hands of S rank players, but struggles a bit against aggro-decks.

I’ll go through the cards and talk about why I included them:

Crystal Cloaker: First I ran Cryptographer, but quickly realised that I need a 2-Drop that had a better body, so Crystal Cloker was the obvious choice. 2/3 are the ideal 2-Drop stats in my eyes. Crystal Cloker can go from a 2/3 to a 4/3, can tank a hit from the general and be healed up by a Healing Mystic.

Healing Mystic: I run Mystic over Herald because you need minions to stick, so that you can Overdrive them + Hearth Sister, if needed. Also, it’s a solid P1T1 Play, which this deck needs.

Hearth Sister: I don’t think I need to go into detail here. Hearth Sister is an fantastic card, especially in Faie. Hearth Sister also makes Wailing way more consistent.

Bloodbound Mentor: Bloodbound Mentor, like Hearth Sister, is an fantastic card in Faie. It refills your hand, gives you that extra oomph to close out games and brings a fantastic body with him.

Moonlit Basilysk: Basilysk laughs at Abyssian-Removal and forces your opponent to make awkward plays. It can win you games if your opponent is unable to answer it and you keep it in the backline with Hearth Sister in hand.

Light Bender: Light Bender has synergy with Malicious Wisp and is all alround just a solid card that answers stuff that could otherwise get out of hand real quick.

Malicious Wisp: Wisp is easily one of the strongest cards Vanar has to offer right now. In a meta were cards like Wanderer, Titan and Fault are very prominent, it’s an autoinclude in my eyes.
With this Deck, I tried to let it shine a bit more with cards like Aspect of Ego, Light Bender, Hailston Prison and, occasionally, Aspect of the Mountains.
If you drop Wisp as P2 against Vetruvian T2, they’ll have a very bad time.

Spelljammer: You can quickly empty your hand with the Ego + Wisp combo or something like 2/3-Drop + Hailstone, so Jammer is here to counteract that. It also increases the likelihood of drawing Wailing Overdrive + Hearth-Sister and its a solid 4-Drop overall.

Cloudcaller: I love this card. It synergises extremely well with Bloodbound Mentor and allows you to clear most backline threats with the 4 damage it provides.

Inquisitor Kron: Kron provides you with 2 bodies, which this deck loves, since you want things to stick. Most prisoners synergise well with Wailing Overdrive. Celerity can push for 14 Dmg if it sticks and you don’t mind having any of the other Keywords with a 7/7 body.
Kron also comes with provoke, which is nice if you want to setup Wailing Overdrive.

Alright, so let’s take a look at our spells now:

Aspect of Ego: I already talked about it in my introduction. You can switch it out for Aspect of the Ravager, Aspect of the Bear or even Chromatic Cold. It either outright wins you games, or does the exact opposite. Ofcourse, there are many opportunities were you can just cast it on your Wisp without much to worry about, but it is, to its very core, a very inconsistent card.

Hailstone Prison: Hailstone, another all around solid card that you just want to include. It has extra synergy with Wisp and Spelljammer and is great in Wanderer-Matchups.

Blazing Spines: I was looking for another 3-Drop. I toyed with a lot of other 3-Drops, but Blazing Spines is definitely the 3-Drop you wanna run here. It has a bit of anti-synergy with Lightbender, but that’s not a huge problem. You can control your opponent with it and most of the times, your opponent will just ignore them, leaving them on the battlefield, which makes them an excellent target for our finisher, that is Hearth-Sister + Wailing Overdrive.

Wailing Overdrive: Our finisher and the card that this Deck is build around. Your opponent wont expect Wailing Overdrive, so you have the element of surprise  on your side.
You don’t even need to use it as a finisher. Even a Healing Mystic can become a real threat all of a sudden, when it becomes a 7/8.

Aspect of the Mountains: I did run 1x Avalanche and 1x Mountains. Avalanche didn’t even perform bad, it’s the definition of a comeback card, but Mountains is just more consistent.
Definitely another one of Vanar’s best cards. Great removal that also leaves a solid body, if you choose to use it on one of your minions.

Thank you for reading, have fun with the deck! : )

(Excuse me for all the spelling errors. English is not my native language, but I tried my best here)

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