Lodestah Stunnah

Vaath the Immortal

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Control

Spirit: 10590

Patch: 1.96

Author: chuyqwerty

Submitted: 2020.01.06


This deck started out as a meme deck, but it is performing better than expected. You basically just stun everything and recycle stuns with Alcuins.

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A little about me, I am not an S-Rank player. I usually hover around Diamond 5-2 and when I start getting close to S-Rank, I just start playing straight up meme decks. I see no point in reaching S-Rank since I never plan to compete and I just want to have fun playing the game. If you run into me, I will most likely be running some weird meme deck.

Highlighted Cards

I was trying to make a deck that worked with Lodestar. Lodestar is not a good card and its RNG is a little too extreme, but is a fun card. This deck highlights cards that basically never see play.


This card is very RNG heavy. You are not guaranteed to pull every minion and basically messes up all positioning for both players. But if you are Vaath and just wanna smash, it does help get you in range of the enemy general when they are trying to run away. Lodestar with Bellow is real nice as since enemy minions will not be able to attack. It also works nicely with Tremor.


This is a card that I never seen anyone play (along with Lodestar). I think it is a pretty helpful card when using Vaath since it will buy you time as you look for Rebukes or Plasma Storms while you go face. I like creating copies of Tremor with Alcuins. Tremor and Invigorate are the spells that I usually copy.


Bellow is there so I can use it with Warpup and Lodestar. It can be difficult to clear a forcefield minion when everything else is stunned. Sometimes you do not even need the stun as Bellow can be used to get lethal.

Playing the Deck

Basically you just keep stunning things and copying the spells with Alcuin Loremaster and Alcuin Fugitive. Invigorate is there since we have full set of Alcuins so I just thought it would be fun to heal for a ton if needed.

EMP might seem like a questionable choice because of Vaath, but it is there to dispel Vaath if needed against Fault. Sometimes I use Vaath’s Brutality turn 1 and it turns out they are playing Fault, so at least I can dispel myself while dropping a big minion. Also, it helps a lot against Walls and other annoying swarm decks. Since I have Saurian Finality, the dispel on Vaath does not feel too terrible because I am able to use Saurian Finality the following turn to give myself +3 attack.

Warpup and Natural selection might also seem questionable, but Warpup does not usually interfere with Natural Selection because I can either buff Warpup with Bellow or just keep stunning enemy minions until Warpup is removed by the enemy.

Lodestar should not be played unless they either have no minions or unless you are able to stun their minions with Tremor or Bellow. You can use Lodestar to pull in enemy generals that are running away from Vaath.

Flex Spot

Invigorate seemed like an obvious choice because of all the Alcuins, but honestly, I almost never use it because I just end up using Saurian Finality instead. The few times I do use it, it is awesome because of the crazy heals you can pull off. If I wanted to make the deck better, though, I would remove Invigoratex3 and add in Drogonx2 and Makantorx1. Or add in any 3 cards you think would be best. I just keep Invigorate for the fun factor, but there are many games where I think, “Drogon here would win me the game” or “Drogon, go face, then stun enemy minions would work so well here”.


View the deck in action below. This is a game against the streamer, Hsuku, using this deck.

Watch Day 1621 / Sunday Fun Day / Duelyst / Memeing to S-Rank! from Hsuku on www.twitch.tv

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