Kara Vespyr Swarm

Kara Winterblade

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Tempo

Spirit: 7230

Patch: 1.96

Author: nh3maser

Submitted: 2018.11.07

Glacial Elemental
Animus Plate

A take on classic Vespyrs, with a focus on generating multiple bodies.


Vespyrs like other Vespyrs, so the aim of this deck is to make as many Vespyrs as possible while triggering synergies. To expand: the¬†competitive advantage of the Vespyr tribe is the ability to make multiple bodies in one card, which they do better than any other tribe beside Wraithlings. These cards also play well with Glacial Elemental, which is the centerpiece of any Vespyr deck due to its ability to allow you to develop your own board while simultaneously clearing your enemy’s.


The basic gameplan: drop an Elemental somewhere safe and play out Vespyrs. Once you have a sizable board, get in a hit with Animus Plate to buff everything and really bring the pain.

Vespyrs have an infiltrate subtheme, so we need to keep the action on the enemy’s side of the board. This is especially important since our curve is so low and our only source of “card draw” is Snow Chasers. To this end, we include our one non-Vespyr “minion”, Gravity Well, as a way to push deep into enemy territory early in the game.

Frontline minions: Arbiter, Cloaker, Chaser, walls. These either have decent stats, or are expandable. Either way they help set up your early game and lock your opponent down.

Flexible positions: Borean Bear can get large very quickly. It makes a good target for Frostfire, which grows it big enough to dominate the board early on. If you can keep one alive after taking a hit, it can be a good idea to tuck it away in the back, to be later moved into position with Iceblade Dryad.

Backline minions: Glacial Elemental. This is the most important card in pretty much any Vespyr list. This list includes three ways to triple-trigger it: Bonechill Barrier, Wintertide, and Icebreak Ambush (which summons two Snow Chasers and a Crystal Cloaker, in addition to a Wolfraven). These cards also synergize with our BBS.


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