Kaleos Xaan Small Position Puzzle

Kaleos Xaan

Category: Budget Deck

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 5000

Patch: 1.96

Author: Casdrop

Submitted: 2019.09.12

Kaleos Xaan
Mirror Meld
Obscuring Blow

An aggro deck utilizing very niche yet powerful combos

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[kaleos position]MToxMDEsMzoxMTUsMzoxMjIsMzoxMjgsMzoxMjksMToxMzcsMjoxMzgsMzoxNDAsMjoxOTA0OSwyOjIwMDgxLDM6MjAwODYsMzoyMDEwMiwyOjIwMTI5LDM6MjAxNjgsMjoyMDE5NCwyOjIwMjMxLDI6MjAyNDE=

Kaleos Xaan has always been my favorite general and one of the most under-appreciated in the game (at least in my eyes) so obviously I decide to make a good deck featuring my boy.

Sinc Kaleos has acces to blink obviously backstab comes to mind as apositioning based mechanic and since this minions have low base attack and cost inner focus and the greatly under appreciated mirror meld fits wonderfully here.

Obscuring blow can turn any minion into a backstabber and a huge threat or even buff Kaleos himself allowing him to go in for some free attacks.

Picking back up on mirror meld this card is really strong with almost all minions in this deck but by far the best target for it is chakri avatar as all the copies will continue to grow.

This deck is fast and as such runs out of steam in record time, sojourner draws, lantern fox creates more burn, caligrapher is a reload.

Closing up many cards double up in different functions, for example killing edge not only serves as a buff on some minions for some burn damage but also draws as long as it’s played on a backstab minion (or a minion buffed by obscuring blow, see how everything fits into play ;))

All other cards in the deck are pretty self explanatory.

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