Infinite Kage Lightning

Reva Eventide

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 9790

Patch: beta

Author: arilyn

Submitted: 2022.12.24

Storm Kage
Bloodrage Mask

Control the game until late when you dump an infinite amount of lightning on your own minions to kill your opponent.

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Get your combo pieces out and electrify minions on the battlefield to drain your opponent. With Storm Kage, Manaforger, Prismatic Illusionist/Flame Acolyte, and Bloodrage Mask/Four Winds Magus you can kill your opponent from any life total by electrifying the minions you create over and over.

Save your spells for when there’s a chance to use them effectively, or just win the game. Focus on playing the unimportant pieces (fake the arcanyst build) early game to build your board and give your opponent something to worry about. Replace anything you won’t need soon.

Possible to switch out illusionists for Sarlac for survivability, since dispel is the only thing that kills it, but the deck already runs a lot of legendaries and illusionist does the trick ok. You can upgrade illusionists to Sarlac as you get more if you want. But it also might be worth keeping the illusionists in for the Owlbeast synergy, it just depends on how you’re able to keep your illusionists alive and what your preference is.

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