Imperial Artillery Tower

Reva Eventide

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 11390

Patch: 1.96

Author: Halcyon98

Submitted: 2019.09.28

Xenkai Cannoneer
Jax Truesight
Seeker Squad

The sharpshooters of Xenkai never misses their target. Bombard your foes from afar with an infantry of marksmen, cannoneers, archers, Heartseekers and Mini-Jaxes.

Nice to meet you all, Halcyon here. I’ve been a player for 25 seasons and a pretty reliable source for all sorts of shits and giggles. Catch me around in the forums where I’ll be talking about hentai, or on the ladder with some weird-ass deck that never works. I love everything Duelyst-related, so feel free to add me in-game if you want somebody to chat and play friendlies with.


This is a deck that revolves around Xenkai Cannoneer, and other minions with Ranged. Once Xenkai Canoneer lives for a turn, you’ll be able to play cards such as Seeker Squad and Jax Truesight for explosive and pretty unfair turns. To finish, Bombard is a good option, since it effectively doubles the damage output of your Ranged minions. Other than that, you can deal heavy damage with Killing Edge, create more Heartseekers with Cryptographer, and buff your Range swarm with Arrow Whistler, to pressure opponents until they get tilted as fuck and lose.

How to Play

Your best openers are Cryptographer or Celebrant. Cryptographer can allow you to play an Heartseeker right away, and Heartseekers are always annoying as fuck, form your opponent’s perspective, of course. Celebrants are good because it lets you more easily ramp into Xenkai early on. Sworn Avenger is an extremely solid early-game option, powerful even without Xenkai. Same applies to Ki Beholder; it has decent stats and can lock an enemy minion in place for a turn, increasing the survivability of your Ranged minions. When you’re able to play Xenkai, it is extremely important to protect it for at least 1 turn. Of course, if your opponent is Magmar, for instance, there’s really no consistent way to achieve it, but your victory depends on it. The rest is a no-brainer. Play Seeker Squad and Truesight, clear board and/or hit face, and fucking concede if your opponent Rebukes or Plasma Storms.

Really, the deck kind of plays itself. Just don’t make the misplay of playing Truesight while you already have a minion in the corner. I’ve been there, unfortunately. As for draws, Spelljammer is your best shot. Bakezori sucks in this deck, to be honest. MDS is there because it’s good for pushing your Ranged minions to unreachable locations, IF is there because it’s fucking broken, and Scroll Bandit is there because it’s Songhai’s best 2 drop.

Possible Techs

Bloodsworn Gambler

Everyone fucking hates Gambler, right? Well, that’s more than enough reason for you to run Gambler. Bloodsworn Gambler works well with a lot of cards, such as Xenkai Cannoneer (duh), Arrow Whistler (duh), Bombard (duh), and Primus Fist.

Battle Panddo

The best minion in Songhai, probably. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any synergy with any of the key components in this deck, which is why I’m personally not running it. But it’s an amazing card nonetheless. It fucks eggs and Heartseekers, unless it’s fucking Wanderer. The moral of this story is to fuck Wanderer.

Deathstrike Seal

Removal if you have a Heartseeker! Wow! It’s even better if you run Battle Panddo; see above. This deck struggles against really big bodies, and DTS may help you against that. It works well with pretty much any Ranged minion, so pick this up if you feel like becoming an assassin for the day.

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