Faie Bloodwing

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Aggro

Spirit: 6870

Patch: 1.96

Author: Ryousen

Submitted: 2019.07.29

Faie Bloodwing
Repulsor Beast
Silhouette Tracer

My harem. Why remove if you can just run

I learned firsthand that having a harem irl can be mostly foolish- Having enough time and energy to go deep in those connections is an unsustainable model. But in the world of cardgames, magic is real.

fuckin, you know what, here’s my manifesto,

(this is a real deck, i am serious, but i dont wanna write an essay about it, just run and kill, you will get it, but beware you need to set yourself in a position to either cluster the enemies so you can run away better with tracer in the late game, or spread them out so that you have openings to stall more with Beast or Icy and maybe Hailstone, but both Hailstone and Beast are more of a late game tool so, hold out on casting them, you wanna surprise the enemy with these plays, because they mean that a game which was going to end before Warbird killed them is now being enlongated towards that inevitable destiny)

and then, Venom Toth is great, if you ignore it, the rest of the aggro shell + Faie kill you, aside from it being a 3/3 body that can be teleported in with Hearth Sister,

and then, Replicant fuckign dreaws you cards and is a bdoy can you imagine that,

and then, Araki Headhunter is a master of killing the opponent’s tempo being a 2 drop that people are afraid of not answering, which could be hard if you make it backline,

and then, Repulsor Beast is actually good late game removal in an aggro setup because 2 damage is 2 damage, and i mean the 2 general damage you will be trading from pushing bodyblockers away,


So you have these boys- my lovers- to help you kill the opponent. Not all is made out of killing. So you just stall with other tempo boys and deal with backline threats with Chromatic Cold + Hailstone Prison.

Silhouette Tracer can invert the tide especially if you use it to bodyblock the most important threat- because now you are far, and Warbird + Mentor + Flameblood are good clock, + Icy freezing them off, + Repulsor Beast keeping em off, + hailstone and stuff whatever man

okay, whats next

i dont remememrbr

is there anything else? tempo clock tempo clock tempo clock tempo clock

watch utena(do not, read subahibi instead), but absolutely make art everyone

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6 thoughts on “Hyperryousen
  1. oh yeah, its called hyperryousen because those five- Flameblood, Venom Toth, Pushdog, Replicant, and Araki Headhunter, are my zener, my harem, except in cardgame form, which is always objectively better than the real, even if the real is always reducible to a cardgame

    1. ive been called edgy so many times in so many scenarios and ways i deeply disagree with, that at this point i have to accept that, its impossible that i am right every time, i just dont know what that means, or that i am so so entrenched in edgyness that i cant even see it anymore

  2. You honestly don’t even need to try to run with this deck. It’s pretty solid and kills fairly fast. Icy’s are heavily underrated and allow for huge stall turns or freeze their general to stop them backing off from minions. I also like the Araki headhunters in here, as buffing one with a few 2 drops provides insane damage output for the mana cost while building board.

    I find the Silhouette tracers to be mostly useless though as you rarely actually want to be running. I may try replacing them with concealing shrouds or snowpiercers. Malicious wisp could also be a decent replacement for tempo gain and forcing removal towards it, letting you play things like mentor and toth more safely afterwards.

    Spelljammers arguably aren’t really needed in here although if the game ends up going a bit longer they can help to keep up the pace so still worth including.

    The best thing I find about this deck is that it has answers for both wide and tall minion decks. Dispel, hand return and Icy’s deal with beefy minions while Venom toth punishes swarmy decks. All the burn handles artifacts too which is nice!

    Good deck that helped me finally get a Vanar ribbon!

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