Hyper Swarm Brome

Brome Warcrest

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Aggro

Spirit: 4770

Patch: 1.96

Author: AlphaCentury

Submitted: 2018.11.11

Silverguard Squire
Beam Shock

The “white weenie” of Duelyst, this deck goes under every deck in the format. Fealty lets you dump your hand with impunity, and Congregation closes out the game.

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AlphaCentury is one of Duelyst's original Grandmasters. He is known for consistently breaking the meta with "solitaire" combo decks and no-fun control decks, as well as optimizing a variety of other archetypes. When he doesn't lose in round 2, he is also a tournament force to be reckoned with. He has Youtube and Twitch channels where he shows off cool decks. No he is not full of himself, thank you for asking.

The “white weenie” of Duelyst, this deck goes under every deck in the format. Fealty lets you dump your hand with impunity, and Congregation closes out the game. This deck is so linear a guide almost seems redundant, but for all the Wanderer Ragnora mains out there, here you go.

Early Game

We run 11 one-drops and 12 two-drops. If you don’t like missing your turn 1 play, then this is a deck for you.

  • Azurite Lion is the biggest threat in the deck, so if you have the choice of two-drop to develop, I prefer to lead with him.
  • Don’t let them¬† punch out your minions for free on board.
  • Make sure you can get the buff out of Warblade. Getting a big Warblade buff is absolutely huge for this deck.
  • Cleric is for denying other tiles. Getting value out of its heal tile is completely useless for our gameplan, and if you contort your positioning to occupy the heal tile, it can be game losing. However, the same is true for our opponent.

Mid Game

After the first or second turn, you will be looking at an empty hand. Hopefully you were smart enough to keep a Fealty. Trinity Oath is for the most part a worse Fealty. At this point, you can spam the rest of your one-drops and then cast Fealty to draw back up to a full hand. You will almost certainly draw something to use the rest of your mana, and another Fealty or Trinity Oath so you can do it all again next turn. Keeping your minions alive should be your top priority so that you can get Fealty value.

Late Game

Once the deck hits 3 mana, we unlock the real late game bombs. I’m talking about Empyreal Congregation and Skywind Glaives. Once you have built up a board of weenies, use these cards to get blowout trades against your opponent, and to apply life total pressure. Getting a maximum value Congregation in an aggressive spot will usually be game winning.

Late game for this deck is defined to be around 6 or 7 mana, and games rarely go past that point. If they do, we have more than enough card draw to keep up the pressure.

Cheap Interaction

We run 6 interaction cards, and they are indisputably cheap. Draining Wave is our removal, which should be used on turn 1 and 2 to hamper your opponent’s game plan and ensure your minions stay safe. Beam Shock is free, so it allows us to dump our hand to apply maximum pressure. I will often beam shock my opponent or his minions to stop him running away, to set up for a game winning congregation.

The real power of these cards is in their mana costs. Being able to stop our opponent’s game plan in the first few turns without slowing down our own is great. Then in the late game, you can play these alongside your draw cards to ensure you don’t lose any tempo.


Find me on Discord, YouTube, or just comment here and I’ll find it. <3

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