Hybrid Xor

Maehv Skinsolder

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 12060

Patch: 1.96

Author: hmmmn

Submitted: 2019.02.01

Maehv Skinsolder
Underlord Xor'Xuul

A well balanced Maehv deck that can switch between many different play styles.
It is, however, a challenging deck to play as it contains many moving parts and produces a large number of minions.

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    Build a swarm with priestess. (1)
    Plan 1.1:
        Cash in with Chakram (0)
    Plan 1.2:
        Cash in with DFC combo'd with sacrifice spells (2)
    Plan 1.3:
        Cash in with shadow dancer (3)
    Plan 1.4:
        Combo with a Fugitive with sacrifice spells. (4)
    Buff minions up with Shaman. (1)
    Plan 2.1:
        Cash in with Chakram (0)
    Plan 2.2:
        Cash in with DFC combo'd with sacrifice spells (2)
    Plan 2.3:
        Cash in with shadow dancer (3)
    Play sarlac/gor. 
    Plan 3.1:
        Cash in with DFC combo'd with sacrifice spells (2)
    Plan 3.2:
        Combo with a Fugitive with sacrifice spells. (4)

    Xor. A safety net for the 3 plans above to succeed better.

(0) Usually effective and carries the least risk.
(1) It is recommended to keep or play a sarlac/gor (Plan 3), in case aoe clears the swarm.
(2) WARNING: This will quickly use up your hand. Unless playing against Starhorn,
    refilling your hand is not cheap (Fugitive + spells or Desolator).
(3) If you are not 
        a) playing against Abyssian, 
        b) playing against an artifact heavy deck, 
        c) playing against someone who is running away, or 
        d) Xor is not out, 
    shadow dancer's healing is generally not worth the risk; aphotic is more effective.
    If, however, any one of the above applies, 
    shadow dancer is very effective and should be prioritized.
(4) Copy DFS for rushing out minions, aphotic for healing, banishing for removal. 
    The BBS can be copied, but the health sacrifice is dangerous.
    Keep in mind that DFS can stack up over multiple turns.
    The combo is, however, very fragile. If either sarlac/gor/priestess or Fugitive 
    is removed/dispelled, the combo breaks. 
    As such, play this combo only if you can immediately copy DFS / aphotic / banishing. 

Successfully mesh at least 2 of the plans above together, and you'll likely win.


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