Hideatsu the Ebon Ox (S-Rank)

Kaleos Xaan

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 13700

Patch: 1.96

Author: CocaineLolis

Submitted: 2019.04.28

Hideatsu the Ebon Ox
Golden Mantella

This deck has taken me to S-Rank multiple times and has something to deal with pretty much everything. It can play control or aggro, and it can play against control or aggro.

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I am a player who has reached top ten before and has a fair amount of experience in gauntlet and season ladder. Most of my "best experiences" climbing has been with this deck or close variants.

This revolves around getting Ox out on seven/eight mana, as it almost guarantees a win. There is a strong focus on just giving the opponent a roadblock every turn, so they HAVE to deal with the board before getting to hit you. Healing (Purgatos and Azure Herald) helps bounce back from damage. Anti-swarm/aggro (Wild Tahr, Kron,  and Thunder Horn) forces swarm decks to take very awkward positioning to avoid your BBS as kaleos often preventing lots of face damage that would’ve otherwise been dealt, and aggro decks similarly have to tone down on going at your general’s face. Removal (EMP, Sunset Paragon, Blood Tear Alchemist, Dancing Blades, Eternity Painter, Dagona) are all you’re going to need to immediately wreck ANY enemy’s board, with Sunset Paragon being the counter for wanderer and a must to hold onto. Ramp (Celebrant and Golden Mantella) is the core reason why getting a 7 mana Ox really isn’t that uncommon with this deck while holding a full hand. Damage/Aggro (Calligrapher) Calligrapher is just a bombshell of ten damage and a hand refill when it hits with trial active, which it often does since its a later game card anyways; however, half the minions on this list can chuck out a ton of damage allowing you to out aggro.


Magesworn is as to spells as Eternity Painter is to minions. Its an important card to include, even if it isn’t used every game. This is because it will curb stomp Aggro Faie and Mantra-Hai decks which often pose a problem for Ox decks given their ability to ignore the board state. Seriously, this card is your free win to many match ups. It also disables BBSs in addition which can also ease a fight with any Ragnora because Rippers are kinda BS.

On the note of hating Magmar, Kron is pretty much the only minion that no single Magmar removal option can deal with making it necessary for developing a board against them. The provoke effect also takes pressure off versus aggro decks.


It is imperative to keep the board clear. Clearing the board leaves your opponent with few ways of actually damaging you. Time is on your side and just stinting the flow of the fight until the trial goes off on 7-8 will be an easy win: however, when playing against a late game deck such as strategos or xor’xuul, you have the tools to kill them before they can get their trial. You just have to control the flow of the fight at all times which does take some measure of judgement. Despite being an oppressively strong deck, it has a strong and rewarding skill curve (Much more so than Wanderer, which it can crush).

Minion effects that are triggered by causing damage are activated by damage dealt post-Ox activation. For example, when summoning Thunderhorn after performing the Ox Trial, wherever its damage goes on the board will be chained to linked enemies as if it were to hit the chain normally. Purgatos when played after the Ox Trial’s activation will trigger its heal/deal 3 points of hp/damage to the generals. Token minions summoned also activate Ox damage effects such as Kron’s tokens or if Dagona swallows one of your own minions and dies.

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4 thoughts on “Hideatsu the Ebon Ox (S-Rank)
  1. You can argue that, but given probably over half the deck focuses on removal anyways, more removal isn’t going to be as important as actually getting to the trial. It’s the same thing as saying Crystal WIsp is bad because its a 1/1. Just trust me on this, Ox variants without it have never beaten mine (Yes, I got into a fued and kept score with a guy for a while over it. Call me petty because I am, lol.).

  2. So its not like crystal wisp because you have all game to play a 1 drop, you dont need to play it early. It costs 1 mana so you can even play it on your 8 mana turn, then play ox, then play a minion… Ox is my best deck and i have played it tons btw. I played in tournaments with it too.

  3. Yes, and some people like Golden Mantella in their Ox deck because it without a shred of a doubt makes the trial easier to curve out while maintaining card advantage, and others, such as yourself, do not. I think this moreover comes down to a matter of personal preference, but personally, I have played Ox a heck of a lot too and I have climbed to top ten in S-Rank with it in the past. If Golden Mantella was really all that bad surely that would’ve made things feel harder, which it has yet to do for me. I remember getting into the same argument with someone in the past who got 1st place in the season with an Ox deck who insisted I couldn’t beat him because I was using stuff like Golden Mantella and not using Jux or Battle Pando. He lost seven out of seven games to me. What I’m trying to say is I’ve had this argument before and proved it enough to myself that it’s faulty.

    Golden Mantella just fills a role no other card can properly do, which is evening out the curve by counting as a 1 and 3 drop to increase the consistency of the Ox trial. It has a unique purpose; I don’t choose it because of stats or control. I have an entire deck of that, and I feel like it adds some balance.

    Also it’s like Crystal Wisp in the sense that its most important function is to pull a game winning condition off early.

    I’m sure Battle Pando also serves a decent purpose in your deck, but whenever I use it in Ox, it just feels lackluster to me.

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