Going Nuclear With Spellhai

Kaleos Xaan

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 9120

Patch: beta

Author: ChaosMax

Submitted: 2022.12.08

Bloodrage Mask
Artifact Hunter
Eight Gates

A spell based combo deck focused on getting Bloodrage Mask into hand with Artifact Hunter.

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[Going Nuclear]MToxNzcsMzoyMDQyOCwzOjIwNDI5LDM6MjA0MjEsMzoyMDQzMSwzOjMwMTA2LDM6MTc1LDM6MTExNzcsMzoxMTI0NSwzOjIwNDIzLDM6MjA0MjYsMzoxNzYsMzoxMTIyNiwzOjIwNDM2

Main goal of the deck is to get Bloodrage Mask into the hand with Artifact Hunter. Manaforger allows you to spam more spells in a turn with cheap spell cost and Lantern Fox helps generate additional Phoenix Fires. Healing Mystic is mainly there to heal Tusk Boar or Lantern Fox.

Board control options are Saberspine Seal, Ghost Lightning, and Phoenix Fire. Eight Gates + Ghost Lightning is a very solid 3 damage nuke to the entire board. Eight Gates is flexible with also enabling Eight Gates + Phoenix Fire combos for spell damage at range in combination with Bloodrage Mask.

Generally aiming to establish early board control, gain a health advantage, then finish your opponent at range with Bloodrage Mask + Spells when they start running away from the minions in their face. The current version is pretty weak to higher health beefy minions (think Ironcliffe or Archon). Can easily swap in Onyx Bear Seal for Eight Gates or a combination of spell cards to adjust for that if necessary.

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