Ghost Azalea

Cassyva Soulreaper

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Control

Spirit: 9060

Patch: 1.96

Author: Carl Pet

Submitted: 2019.10.26

Ghost Azalea
Painful Pluck

Basically; this deck almost always leads up to Ghost Azalea. With munch and desolator for heal. Obliterate is a last, last resort.

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[ghost azalea]MTozMjMsMzozMjcsMjozNDEsMzoxMDMwNCwzOjEwOTc1LDM6MjAwNDksMzoyMDA1MSwzOjIwMjAxLDE6MjAyMTMsMzoyMDI0MywzOjIwMjcxLDM6MjAzNTYsMzoyMDM3NCwzOjMwMDE0LDM6MzAwMjA=

This deck solely relies on Ghost Azaleas in order to win. The basis is to create as much shadow creep as possible and rid of enemy minions at the same time. Alucin lorecaster gives you more creeps quickly and instantly. After you get enough creeps, the general will probably start running away (probably), that’s when munch, punish, choking tendrils and demonic lure can come in handy. If you still can’t reach the general and don’t want to, you can just chill and put down a desolator until you draw an obliterate. Action Bar Management¬†is key in this deck. If you don’t use your cards enough or use them too quickly, then you’re screwed. Manage your hand.

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