// Egg Ragnora

Ragnora the Relentless

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 8940

Patch: 1.96

Author: Syztum

Submitted: 2018.10.31

Chrysalis Egg
Egg Morph
Zoetic Charm

// eggs. Not that deep.

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[// Egg Ragnora]MTo0NDksMzo0MDUsMjo0MTIsMzo0MjIsMzo0NDEsMzo0NDgsMzoxMDk3NSwzOjExMDg4LDM6MjAxMTYsMjoyMDExNywzOjIwMTU3LDM6MjAyMDMsMjoyMDIxOCwzOjMwMDQ5LDM6MzAwNTU=
Went 27-8 (77.14% winrate) into S-Rank at the end of the October 2018 season with this list. Honestly, the deck is pretty toxic and can win any matchup because you can deal stupid amounts of burst damage at just about any point in time. If you're tired of playing memes, want to rank up, and know how to play a value-oriented combo deck — have at it.

// Is this where words go?

Honestly, there isn’t much to say. Hard mulligan for a turn 1 play, try to get as many minions to stick as possible, and make sure you’re always counting lethal because you can kill people scary quick with this deck.

// Substitutions.

  • You can sub pretty much anything that draws for Spelljammer if you don’t want to spend the dust on it. Personally, I like the card here because it’s a sizeable body that helps make Progenitor scary and it provides draw without slowing down your board development.
  • If you want to change anything about the deck (slow it down, speed it up, run a tech card, etc.), I would begin by replacing Earth Sphere. It’s my tech of choice as it helps me sustain deeper into games if I’m still fishing for a bit more damage. You can easily make the deck more aggressive by swapping those for extra combo cards (i.e. Morin-Khur), extra board clears (i.e. Homeostatic Rebuke), or some more solid minions (i.e. Ragebinder).

// Combos.

  • Ripper + Egg Morph / Wild Inceptor + Greater Fortitude = 10 damage / 6 mana.
  • Ripper (has to live a turn) + Greater Fortitude + Thumping Wave = 20 damage / 5 mana.
  • Erratic Raptyr = 5 damage. Each hatch with Egg Morph or Wild Inceptor is 5 more damage.

// Extra tips.

  • Progenitor is value in almost any board state.
  • If you feel the game going long, try to eek extra value out of your cards instead of bursting them down.
  • If you feel like you’ve lost board and there’s no hope, don’t concede. You can stall until you find combo pieces and nuke them on one turn.
  • Sometimes, you can use eggs as decoys while you beat them down with your other minions.

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