Maehv Skinsolder

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 9840

Patch: 1.96

Author: DeathsAdvocate

Submitted: 2018.10.11

Abhorrent Unbirth
Saberspine Tiger
Carrion Collector

A dying wish deck that also features the Unbirth Tiger combo.

I have been playing Duelyst for many years now, the majority of which is S rank with frequent top fifty’s when I have the time to play competitively and occasional top tens. You can check out the rest of my stuff here:

I decided to go with Alpods suggestion for its official name: “. Cause you know, Abhorrent Wish”

as the one I came up with may be a bit inappropriate: Abort….Cus you know…dying unbirth…

Built on the same shell as my Red Tide Maev deck I strongly considered just mixing them together as one deck. In fact it is only a six card difference so you could easily combine them if you have access to a side deck, but this ones favorite trick can really drastically alter how you play the deck so I decided to give it its own separate write up. Red Tide can be found here.

This deck features Abhorent Unbirth and Saberspine Tiger as a way to pull a massive out of hand burst off. For those that don’t know how Abhorrent Unbirth works, it destroys all minions on your field, and summons one giant abomination with all the combined stats of the destroyed creatures as well as their keywords, but you need to make sure you get rush on him or its just to risky to play, and in this decks case our rush source comes from tiger. Sadly it only includes key words that always do the same thing, so no fancy dying wish abominations.

The reason I am running Unbirth along side dying wish is at its core its still just the double ramp dying wish engine favoring cheap midrange dying wish units so you can constantly drop a couple threats a turn without falling into the traditional ramp trap of if the big card you pushed out gets answered you struggle. And thanks to the fact that you throw out two or three decent sized threats nearly every turn means your eventually going to get a decent board to stick to use with unbirth, or just kill them long before the combo. And if your lucky you may even have zero cost units to throw down on your Unbirth turn.

Chakram is also amazing here again your rarely without board, it’s good with tiger, tombstones, reaper, and it’s great with unbirth. Oh btw yea the abomination steals temporary buffs like Chakram, and then Chakram buffs him again after he is done forming.

How I play is digging hard for ramp for your opening play or turn two, combo tends to get replaced this early as seven mana is the earliest you will use it plus it’s a back up plan not the main focus, although certain match ups its a higher priority, and I do tend to hold onto it a couple turns in if it looks feasible. I rarely play more then two Ramp cards unless I have been blessed with excess Desolator/Nekoma, and finding at least one Deso/Nekoma is a high priority at all times.

Its a scary deck complete with crazy a mounts of tempo, card advantage, ping, healing, and between Chakram and Gnasher you are covered on AOE. While the Unbirth tricks are not great for every match up its really nice to have the option, and while you may sometimes miss the tech spots the combo fills up the ability to win games out of no were on seven mana is quite worth it.

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