Da Fart Wizard

Ciphyron Ascendant

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Control

Spirit: 6160

Patch: 1.96

Author: Awooga

Submitted: 2019.02.18

Fireblaze Obelysk
Star's Fury

You dare enter my realm concocted of my own miasma?

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[Da Fart Wizard]MToyNTQsMzoyMTUsMjoyMjAsMzoxMDAxNiwzOjExMDM5LDI6MjAwMjgsMjoyMDA3NywzOjIwMDk5LDI6MjAxMDUsMzoyMDE1MSwyOjIwMTk3LDI6MjAyNDIsMzoyMDI1NCwzOjIwMzM2LDM6MjAzNDIsMzoyMDM1Nw==

Da Concept

Control the board early on, then start farting on your opponent with your Dervishes. However, much like trumping in public this deck can feel awkward in the early game and doesn’t mature until mid to late game. There is definitely room for refinement with this deck but consider this a baseline and you can adapt it to your preferences.

Da Plan

Your hope is to manage to drop a Abjudicator when you have a Star’s Fury and/or Accumulonimbus in hand. Likewise you’re also trying to find a Fireblaze Obelysk as it’s your essential combo piece. Much of your early game will be eliminating threats as your opponent drops them, hopefully being able to keep the board clear. If you can pop an Accumulonimbus as early in the game as possible, your next one combined with a Fireblaze Obelysk will be a potential 12 damage and your best way to close out games. On the other hand, Star’s Fury is another option to close out a game depending on the board state at the time.

Repulsor Beast inclusion in the deck is solely to make Lost In The Desert work. Because you do not have any substantive minions throughout most of the game, Repulsor Beast is the only way you will likely ever manage to satisfying Lost In The Desert‘s condition.

Mind Control is a fantastic option if your opponent is behind and drops a substantial threat. Be mindful of trying to set this card’s usage late game. Opponent’s tend to drop a fat threat in your face after you’ve used one of your hard removal options, typically betting that you don’t have a second in hand.

Equality Constraint and Psychic Conduit are there to effectively deal with early game threats. Be sure to concentrate on your ordering with Psychic Conduit if you’re attempted to clear a minon/board

Da Refinements

The deck glaringly does not have Grapnel Paradigm which is practically a primal sin when it comes to Ciphyron decks. It is a toss up between itself and Aymara Healer for what you will get more mileage out of.

Superior Mirage is another marginal spell but it’s inclusion can be justified depending if the Magmar’s on ladder are getting out of hand.

Divine Spark is criminally bad at 3 mana in light of other draw options that exist in the game. You could possibly justify replacing it with Spelljammer or Alcuin Loremaster but the deck already has 4 minions and probably has 3 too many already to be considered a Wizard Deck.




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