Cryonic Potential

Faie Bloodwing

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 9750

Patch: 1.96

Author: DeathsAdvocate

Submitted: 2018.11.05

Cryonic Potential
Gravity Well
Aspect of the Mountains

A surprisingly underrated card. I had initially dismissed the card as to risky, and you do need to design your deck around it a bit to make it worthwhile, but the buff this card provides is truly massive and often game wining.

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I have been playing Duelyst for many years now, the majority of which is S rank with frequent top fifty’s when I have the time to play competitively and occasional top tens. You can check out the rest of my stuff here:

Cryonic Potential is a surprisingly underrated card. I had initially dismissed it as it breaks the general rule with buffs which is not to use them unless you can get immediate value with them or you risk losing two for one. You do need to design your deck around it a bit to make it worthwhile, but the buff this card provides is truly massive and often game wining.

The key to C-Potential is combining it with one cost units and or gravity well as part of your turn one or turn two play, as at this point in the game its very difficult to answer and can often secure a game on the opening turn. Remember to only put the gravity well you plan to buff in contact with the enemy general. Its a bit risky to use in the mid/late game and is often replaced at that point, but occasionally it is worth while to use it later on and or on a more expensive target like Malicious wisp, but that is very match up dependent.

Blood Tear, Chaser, Gravity, and Potential is this decks signature package, all of which are good on their own but they mix together extra well. Aspect of the bear is a strong offensive tool or removal in a pinch, Mountain can do some serious work and walls are just great targets for transforms. We rock the Crypto/Mentor package to machinegun people down and or provide card advantage.

It is based on my Furry Faie list. Its a very flexible and adaptive control list that can either be very aggressive, stall and win with chip damage, or pull off big combos. Aside from the aforementioned CPotential combos the deck also sports Luminous, Enfeeble, and Aspect of the mountain, all of which are strong on their own but when mixed together they can be extra deadly. If you manage to trap someone with luminous and follow up with enfeeble that is fifteen damage! Mountain provides powerful AOE and or the ability to let your walls chase people down. It covers its card advantage needs with the classic cryo/chaser combo. Its a strong deck but it takes a lot of practice.

Mix all that stuff with some vanar staples and you have some fun unique lists that compete with the best. The side decks are not terribly refined, but are some solid anti meta choices or alternative options.

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