Creep Wizard Cass

Cassyva Soulreaper

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Control


Patch: 1.96

Author: Calavera

Submitted: 2019.03.23

Alcuin Fugitive
Abyssal Tormentor

A slow, control-y creep deck with nearly infinite resources and spell recursion

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Use every trick in your book to stall and draw until you can end the game with either a big Obliterate or Abyssal Tormentor trigger. Shuts down most creature-based strategies.


  1. Generate creep
  2. Stay alive with your removal suite
  3. Cycle into more cards that let you repeat steps 1+2
  4. Drop Obliterate or Abyssal Tormentor for the win

Difficult Match-ups

  • Lyonar with Arclyte Regalia
  • Solo/Face Vaath
  • Artifact decks (dependent on you drawing Void Pulses)

Other Options/Cards to Avoid

  • Desolator – Helps in attrition, at 9 cores becomes can cast twice with your BBS, but body is pathetic
  • Grandmaster Variax – Luxury, but isn’t needed as a win-con
  • Death Knell – Same as above
  • Klaxon – Gets dispelled too often, given our desk doesn’t run too many targets otherwise
  • Abyssal Juggernaut – Wrong deck for this, contributes tempo not control
  • Spelljammer – Same as above, wouldn’t run unless I’m also running Dark Seed

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