Cool Calculation (Battle Pets)

Zirix Starstrider

Category: Meme/Fun

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 5500-10000

Patch: 1.96

Author: nh3maser

Submitted: 2019.03.17


Part of a series on neutral meme archetypes that can be played (with variable amounts of success) in any faction.
Part 3: Calculator Battle Pets.


The archetype was created by Miguel. Here’s the Songhai discussion thread on the forums, which links back to the other original posts for other factions: link.

Calculator is the build-around. Your primary gameplan is to drop a big one early and ride it to victory. Backup plan is pet swarm. Getting wins is tough sledding since a single piece of hard removal can wreck you and Battle Pets are easily manipulated, but it’s satisfying when it works.


The Petdaddy

The main reason to play these decks is the joy of beating someone down with Calculator, which can come down as early as turn 2 and whose stats top out at Worldcore Golem levels (up to 22/27, although more typically something like 11/13). Even decks that have hard removal may struggle at answering such stats so early, and you just need a couple of hits with it to end a game.

Playable Pets

  • Amu
  • Yun
  • Ghoulie
  • Rawr
  • in-faction pets and pet-generating spell
  • Golden Mantella (can be used in place of Ghoulie depending on your playstyle)

You want large stats, while not being totally embarrassing when you have to actually play them to the battlefield. Mantella is nice to be able to play turn 1 or 2 without removing a pet from your Action Bar, but is worse than Ghoulie at other stages of the game.


Shiro Puppydragon and other global permanent buffs for the pets + tools to copy, protect, and/or get immediate use out of Calculator.

Example Decklists

  • Lyonar – Provokes and healing help extend the life of your Calculator, while Aegis Barrier is good protection. Decklist.
  • Songhai – Teleports allow you to keep Calculator out of harm’s way until it can attack, and Grandmaster Zendo helps you squeeze out extra hits. Decklist.
  • Vetruvian – Astral Flood has great synergy with Calculator, and allows you to play your pets a little more freely early on. See decklist above.
  • Abyssian – The original Calculator build, with good support for both halves of the gameplan through cards like Corporal Cadence and Furor Chakram. Decklist.
  • Magmar – Can play Calculator turn 1 with the help of Flash. Fractal Replication on Calculator makes for a dangerous board. Decklist.
  • Vanar – Good at controlling the board with stuns, which helps a little in trading your pets profitably. Decklist.

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