Combo-Burn Ragnora

Ragnora the Relentless

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Hybrid

Spirit: 7060

Patch: 1.96

Author: Dyyrick

Submitted: 2019.03.22

Ragnora the Relentless

Who says you can only play Decimus in Starhorn decks?
Ripper? Decispikes? Double the cancer!

A standard Combo Ragnora list ft. DeciSpikes as an alternative win condition against decks that give +Attack on their general (Vaath, Zir'An), Artifact-heavy decks (Arti-Hai, NoSE Sajj) or those that run Provoke minions (Argeon, Brome)

Hit S-Rank this season with this deck - Really good against unsuspecting enemies who don't play around Deci-Spikes (which was in-fact, where most of my wins came from)

This type of deck has been play-tested by DeathsAdvocate in his thread, thought I’d post my own version in Duelspot since there isn’t any in here. Special thanks to DA!


  1. Mulligan for your combo pieces early. Depending on your match-up, replace for Hatch-Greater Fortitude or Deci-Spikes (or keep both if you can afford to be greedy)
  2. You have Rebuke against Wanderer, and Plasma storm for swarm decks.
  3. It is ok not to play anything if you don’t draw any of your 2 drops as P1. We can usually get away with it. If you have Entropic Gaze in hand you can use it as well (and its an ok play if you’re against Wanderer decks as it mills their only copy of that card)


  1. By now you should have answered all their threats with Rebuke, P-Storm, Lavaslasher, Makantor. OR, you’ve dealt a lot of face damage to them as they couldn’t answer your scary turn1 openings.
  2. Ideally this is the stage of the game where you’re looking to OTK them at 6-7 mana (Even earlier with Flash)


  1. You’re not gonna out-heal a Zir’An with your limited amount of healing in the deck. Fault gets you eventually. Wanderer decks can body block with their buffed up minions. The only win-condition this late in the game is Flash-Decimus Double Tectonic Spikes for 18 damage at 8 mana. Always try not to go for long games.

Card Choices

  • Decimus over Spelljammer, because you need another win-con.
  • 2 Rebukes : 1 P-Storm split is really up to you, in my climb to S-rank I faced a lot of Wanderers so…. I sometimes even cut the P-Storm and replace it with another rebuke.
  • Only 2 Lava Lance – We aren’t running Cryptographers and Spelljammers, and we usually use GF to get better trades, so if you play alot of these 1 mana cards, you’re gonna be forced to play Spikes as card draw and not as a combo piece.
  • Only 1 Eggmorph – Because we don’t really have space for a second one, sorry.  I can maybe replace one Entropic Gaze for an extra Eggmorph, though I think I probably won’t do that. Many times, I drew an Entropic Gaze after doing DeciSpikes to get that little bit of damage for lethal.
  • No Bloodtear Alchemists? – Yes, I know this is a really good card and fits more in this deck that looks more of a hybrid aggro-midrange list, but ultimately I cut it out for Entropic Gazes which worked really well.

Difficult Match-Ups

  1. Arcanyst decks – Yes, we aren’t running dispel, the only clean removal you can do is Eggmorph on their Owlbeast. Or hope they only buff up their Owlbeast Sage once, allowing you to clear it with Lavaslasher + hit with your face. Most of the time you are gonna be looking to ignore their scary board and just push face damage so you can hopefully win with one of your combos.
  2. Aggro Cassyva – Between Spectral Blade, Void Pulse and Desolators, this sassy general has a lot of ways to heal up, while burning your life. Dark Seed is a threat especially after we use Deci-Spikes, Ripper combo isn’t gonna do you good with Spectral Blade up, and you can’t preemptively play Ripper egg in a safe spot as well if Cass has her BBS. What’s worse, she can cleanly clear our Lavaslashers and Makantors with Punish.

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