Chunkypapa’s Zeal Brome

Brome Warcrest

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Tempo

Spirit: 5870

Patch: 1.96

Author: Boronian

Submitted: 2019.04.26

Marching Orders
Gryphon Fledgling

Brome deck that focuses on the Zeal effect to get good buffs with Marching Orders and Afterblaze

I wear a lot of hats in the Duelyst community, but foremost I am known as the Duelyst wiki team leader and as a Reddit mod. But beside that I am also a Meltdown League manager and content creator on Twitch and  Youtube. Join my Discord, it is a pretty active, very friendly and helpful community there always ready to give advice or talk about Duelyst :) Or follow me on Twitter to contact me and get updates on my content.


  • Cheap, can be legendary free.
  • Spell immunity can throw people off and snowball fast. Meta is light on dispel.
  • Strong and surprising burst with any 2-3 minions on board.
  • One of the strongest early game.
  • Feel like a true Lyonar, aesthetically pleasing.


  • Need extra consideration on positioning.
  • Can still get rekt by AOEs such as painter,lightbender or EMP.
  • No dispel or transform removal.
  • No out of hand damage, reliant on maintaining a board.
  • Can run out of steam.
  • Get called cheesy.


  • Personally I would rate it at ~10th or lower, referring to the Duelyst Central power ranking.
  • Marching orders is the key card and always try to use it by 4-6 mana.
  • Marching orders add most value on silverguard, birdy and ranger.
  • Birdy is the best immolation/afterblaze user.
  • It may take some time to get used to using marching orders without compromising positioning/attacks.

Card FlexIbilitY

  • Spelljammer -> Trinity Oath, for true budget. Adjust number of card draw according to your own play style.
  • Healing Mystic -> Primus fist
  • Empyreal Congregation to something else. It is strong but situational. I included it for fun factor mainly.


Deck made by Chunkypapa

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