Budget Nemeton ft. Arcanyst engine

Kara Winterblade

Category: Budget Deck

Archetype: Control

Spirit: 2600

Patch: 1.96

Author: Dyyrick

Submitted: 2019.05.17

Oak in the Nemeton

The words “Budget” and “Nemeton” don’t really fit well in a sentence.
Geared towards newer players who don’t have resources to build a proper, Nemeton deck.

First look at the deck and you see a few arcanysts, walls, and 2 drops that generate tokens, essentially allowing you to finish the trial in one turn, or generate lots of tokens so your opponent can't clear them in time.

This deck loses to a lot of early-mid game threats (Lightbender, Frenzy minions, AoEs, cheap removals) but when allowed space and given a godly hand (Playing Abjudicator while having one of each aspect + Walls in hand) will easily win you the game (hopefully) with 6/6 Spellsparks from Firestarter + Kara BBS, if not, then you have the staple Luminous Charge BBS to fall back on.

This list is basically just a budget version of AlphaCentury’s Nemeton But Optimal list, so instead of me just reiterating the card choices in this list, it would be much better to check his detailed guide.

The Arcanyst engine

Abjudicator allows you to have 1 mana tokens (Bonechill, Aspect of Fox, Aspect of Bear) to be used later when you have 5 mana. Setting this thing up is really hard, as it usually requires you to have atleast 2 of those spells to be really effective.

Prismatic Illusionist is a 4-5 mana card that is our substitute to Inquisitor Kron in AlphaCentury’s list. When left alone, it generates a lot of tokens which you can target with your Aspect spells, generating more tokens.

Firestarter is your main man for the late-game post trial. At 8 mana, you can play Firestarter, BBS,  Aspect of the Fox/Bear on the resulting Spellspark and you get a 6/6 and a 7/7 or 8/9 totalling 13-14 on hand damage for 2 cards.

Blue Conjurer’s purpose here is only for draw in the late game.



  • Hard mulligan for your token generators, replace Endless Hunt, Conjurers, Fire Starters and Luminous Charges.
  • Don’t empty your hand quickly especially if you’re playing against a faction that has a lot of AoE. Don’t always try to go for 4-5 mana completion of the trial.
  • Try and look for Abjudicator pieces (but don’t hard replace for Abjudicator)


  • Complete the trial in one-go, usually at 5-7 mana. With this you’ll probably empty your hand, so you’ll need to keep your Conjurers.
  • Always body block in ways where opponent can’t take advantage of their AoE spells (i.e. Holy Immo, Aspect of Mountains, Thunderbomb, Grasp of Agony, Stars Fury)
  • Pray that your opponent doesn’t have a way to deal with all your tokens before you drop your Nemeton. (Praying emoji intensifies)
  • Or just win with the sheer amount of value an unanswered Drake Dowager provides against aggro decks that just ignores board.

Late-game (Post trial)

  • Clear your opponent’s board with all remaining tokens plus your Spellsparks from Firestarter. (Oh how I wish I had Aspect of the Wyrm in this deck to kill my opponent from the other side of the board)
  • Lock down your opponent with 2 6/6 Treants with Provoke.
  • Trap with Luminous charge
  • Spam Endless Hunts
  • Or burst down opponent with the 13-14 damage combo stated above.
  • There’s no late game for you if you haven’t completed the trial during Mid-Game.

Upgrades (Epic / Legendary cards to craft in order)

  • 3x Gravity well
  • 2x Wintertide
  • 1-2x Aspect of the Wyrm
  • 1x Embla or 1x Jax Truesight

Probably taking out Abjudicators, Prismatic Illusionists, 1 Firestarter in order to fit these cards

This budget deck isn’t really a deck that will take you to Diamond – S rank as its a bit inconsistent in the ladder (way too many meta decks countering this deck), needs a skilled pilot (Token positioning, card replacing, decision making with regards to playing Aspects as removal for opponents threats) and just lacks the good legendary/epic cards to make it really work.


Edited 5/17/19 for grammatical errors, better phrasing. Added upgrades.

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