Bolstering Liturgy (Patreon)

Brome Warcrest

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Combo

Spirit: 5570

Patch: 1.96

Author: RHacker93

Submitted: 2018.10.10

Brome Warcrest
Divine Liturgy

A combo based swarm Lyonar deck that attempts to establish a high-health board of low cost minions and then finish the game by buffing them with a Liturgy.

I've been playing Duelyst since October 2015 and I'm a long time S rank player. I've had multiple top finishes at Duelyst events and earned the title of Grandmaster during the initial Duelyst World Championship. Currently, I'm helping to keep the competitive Duelyst scene alive through the tournaments being held in the Meltdown E-Sports Discord server and am also running a Patreon for Duelyst content creation. Discord: Patreon:

Early Game:

In the early game, you will generally want to develop a board as quickly as possible and take as many mana tiles as you can.  This allows you to keep pressuring the board while you find time to cast a spell to draw a new hand. To this end, you will generally want to start with some combination of 1 drop minions or golems with a Metallurgist and a draw spell.

Mid Game:

Optimally at this point in the game, you will have been able to establish a board full of minions while maintaining a decent hand size. So now what you want to do is start buffing your minions and using your early swarm advantage to start pushing your opponent back and picking off their early minions. In general, you’ll want to be trading into face with minions that have greater than 3 power but saving the health on minions with less than 3 power unless they are clearing other minions. This is also a time when you’ll want to start looking for a Liturgy to close out the game.

Late Game:

At this point your opponent will probably be taking back the board. However, as long as you have 2 or 3 reasonably sized minions left you should still be okay. This is the time when you’ll want to close in on the enemy general and take them out by using Liturgy to buff what minions you have left.

Patreon link donating gets you early access to high-resolution deck tech images (low resolution can be found on Duelyst Central at a later date) and gives you a chance to vote on what deck I’ll build next!

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