Big Aby

Lilithe Blightchaser

Category: Diamond+ Deck

Archetype: Control

Spirit: 8790

Patch: beta

Author: Scuttle

Submitted: 2023.02.26

Nether Summoning
Red Synja

Ramp out big threats and heal for 1 trillion.

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[Big Aby (Missing some spirit so weird stuff)]MTozNjQsMzoyMDQ2NSwzOjM3NCwyOjExMjIyLDM6MTEyNDUsMzoxMTI3MCwzOjIwNDU4LDM6MzAxMTIsMzozNzYsMToyMDQ2MiwyOjIwNDY2LDM6MTEyNTksMjoyMDQ1OSwxOjIwNDYzLDI6MTEyMjQsMTozNzEsMToxMTIyMSwyOjExMjMwLDE6MTEyNjA=
I'm a consistent s-ranker, though keep in mind that doesn't mean i'm good lol, and i like to muck around with decks. This came after i pulled two nether summonings on my alt (Shuttle) and i wanted to play them. Hence this deck.

The deck aims to do 3 things.

  1. Dark Sac into big minions
  2. Heal all the damage
  3. Pull out massive nether summoning value

For building this there are a lot of changes you can make that will either make it more or less expensive.

Budget: If you don’t have the dust for the legendries good alternatives are generally big beefy minions. Stuff like 1st sword of arkrane, dank nemesis, or even storm aratha. If you find yourself needing more 3-drop openers wings of paradise isn’t a terrible substitute for Crescendo. 5 Damage to fish for nether summoning value can be good.

Wallet: If you have the dust (which my alt doesn’t) additions such as Keeper of the vale and Spectral revenants can be huge for big tempo plays and a more consistent late game potential.

Spice: Did you know stuff black locust doesn’t create tokens? Therfore late game you can theoretically play Black Locust, have it be cleared, then Zurael the next turn for four more. Alternatilty the first iteration of this deck had 3x Aphotic Devourer which were later cut for more healing. Aphotic has potential to develop pretty nasty boards with nether summoning on 8 but its incredibly rare you’ll be allowed.

Don’t bother:

  • Sarlac just doesn’t fit the list. You really need to keep board presence in the early game and a early answered sarlac puts you too far behind. Besides you’re not running shadow dancers for their healing nor consuming rebirth for more sarlac. Just play sarlac cheese at that point.
  • Shadowdancer doesn’t get near enough value to be worth it.

Final thoughts:

The deck is still very rough, i went 6/6 on my alt with this version. Moving forwards i’m looking into bigger bodies and less healing. Maybe moving to 3x ritual banishing for the 7 mana combo with nether summoning. Might just remove the diamond tag and switch this to meme/fun.

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